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Choosing your Modules

Choosing your Modules

During your first year, L100 and LM1D students are required to take between 144 and 150 CATs, and L116 students are required to take between 136 and 147 CATs. You should also ensure that you have looked at optional modules you wish to take and when/where they take place.

You can take optional modules within the Department of Economics or you may prefer to take an optional module from another Department, in which case you will need to speak to the relevant Department to register for those modules and find out when lectures/seminars/classes commence.

Once lectures begin in Academic Week 1, you will typically have 2 hours of lectures per week for the remaining weeks of term. Even if your optional modules are not yet confirmed, you should be attending the relevant lectures until your decision has been finalised to ensure you do not miss any key information.

You will need to make sure that there are no timetable clashes with your optional modules and if one arises, you should go to the Undergraduate Office. You must finalise your module choices by the end of week 3. More information on choosing your optional modules will be available in the Optional Modules Session during Welcome Week.

Please note that you are not allowed to choose extra modules taking you over the 150 CATS limit.

eVision Module Registration

On your arrival to the University, you will need to register your module/exam choices using the eVision Module Registration (EMR) system.

Choosing Warwick Business School (WBS) Modules

Economics students wishing to register for WBS modules must do so via the WBS Undergraduate Office by emailing undergraduate at wbs dot ac dot uk or by calling into the WBS Undergraduate Office in person.

Please note that the registration process for IB132 Foundations of Finance is different for this particular module and you will be able to sign up and be advised of the sign-up process at a later date.

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