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Year 2 Modules

    Year 2 Undergraduate Modules

    Candidates for Honours take modules during the second and third years to make a total of 240 CATS as follows: in the second year, core modules worth 90 CATS and option modules worth 30 CATS, and in the third year core modules worth 30 CATS and option modules worth 90 CATS.

    Each module has its own web page listing basic information and linking to ‘Resources’, which includes further information such as lecture notes and sample examination questions. Please note: the list of references to books/articles provided on the module detail pages are only indicative. The exact references to the appropriate texts will be given at the start of each module.

    = Autumn Term = Spring Term = Summer Term

    Approved Modules

    You will find below a list of the optional modules run by other departments that have been approved for you to take.

    NOTE: EC228: Collective Decisions may ONLY be taken by L100 students in year 2

    Language Modules

    Most Economics students are able to take a language module in their Second Year.

    NOTE: All Languages available through the Language Centre have an accelerated module, coded LL200. If you are choosing to take a language module at the beginner level in your second year, you must take the accelerated beginners module, which will be coded LL200. Students are not permitted to take a language module in their final year if they have not previously studied a language module as part of the Degree. This applies even if the language is at an advaned level.

    For more information about studying a language, please go to Language Modules for Economics Students.

    IATL Modules

    All Economics students are able to take a module from the Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL) in their Second Year subject to approval by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Find out more information about studying an IATL module.

    Please note that you are permitted to take a maximum of 15 CATS of IATL modules across your second and third years combined. IATL modules do not count as 300-coded modules.

    Other Approved Options