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The Micro and Macro of The Changing Nature of Work and Leisure

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The Micro and Macro of The Changing Nature of Work and Leisure

We are very sorry to announce that the Mirco and Macro of The Changing Nature of Work and Leisure workshop has been cancelled.

The Department is pleased to announce the Mirco and Macro of The Changing Nature of Work and Leisure workshop organised by Christine Braun and Roland Rathelot and Thijs van Rens.

4-5 June 2020
Scarman, University of Warwick

The nature of work and leisure is changing. Labour force participation has been decreasing steadily since 2000 while the media is filled with claims of rapid growth in informal employment in the “gig” economy. At the same time, technological change has a deep impact on the demand for work, by making some skills and some occupations easy to substitute by machines. Are these changes reflecting a revolution on the labour market, perhaps driven by the emerging sharing economy, or are they symptoms of deeper structural changes on the supply side? What are the implications of these changes for productivity and unemployment policies?

In this workshop, we aim to bring together researchers working on documenting and explaining the causes and implications of the changing nature of work for the micro and macro of labour economics.

Call for papers

We are looking for submissions related to but not limited to:

  • The casualisation of the labour market and the emergence of the gig economy
  • Changes in patters of the flexibility and decentralisation of employment
  • Determinants of trends in the demand for skill
  • Implications of these shifts for household behaviour and non-market time
  • Changing determinants of job search and labour force participation
  • Demographic shifts of the workforce and its consequences for the economy

We welcome empirical, quantitative and theoretical papers, and contributions at both an individual and aggregate level.


The deadline to submit papers for consideration is 15th March 2020. Papers should be submitted to micromacrowarwick at gmail dot com. Authors will be notified by April 2020.


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