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Warwick Economics Bulletin


For any queries relating to the Bulletin, please contact the Editor, Karen Brandon.

Quality research and enhanced understanding

The Bulletin promotes quality research and enhanced public understanding of economic issues.

It advocates the funding and organisation of research projects that have the potential to offer new insights into difficult economic issues and to lead to better-informed public policies.

Latest issue: Winter 2014

Featured articles:

  • The Transparency Effect by Omer Moav.
    A new theory on the ancient world’s development offers insights about deep-rooted factors affecting economic development today.

  • Social Welfare Statecraft by Fernanda Brollo.
    Research from Brazil shows how political levers are used to manipulate the world’s largest conditional cash transfer programme for the poor.

  • Trade and Uncertainty by Dennis Novy.
    Economic research offers new explanations about the underlying reasons for the severity of the recent Great Trade Collapse.

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Previous issues

Spring 2014

Cover story: 'First Impressions Matter' by Michael McMahon

Winter 2013

Cover story: Brainpower

Summer 2013

Cover story: 'Come Together' by Jonathan Cave and Christopher Doyle

Spring 2013

Cover story: 'Skin in the Game' by Kris James Mitchener and Gary Richardson