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Dr Amrita Dhillon

Recent Publications:

  • 'Perfect Correlated Equilibria' (with J.F. Mertens), Journal of Economic Theory, 68 (2) (1996).
  • 'An Impossibility Theorem with von Neumann-Morgenstern Preferences' (with J.F. Mertens), Economics Letters, 56 (1997).
  • 'Extended Pareto Rules and Relative Utilitarianism', Social Choice and Welfare, (1998), 15.
  • 'Relative Utilitarianism' (with J.F. Mertens), Econometrica, Vol.67, No.3 (1999).

Work in Progress

"Ownership structure, Voting and Risk” (with Silvia Rossetto) Revision requested at Review of Financial Studies.

" Sovereign Debt Default: The Impact of Creditor Composition" (with Javier Garcia Fronti and Lei Zhang)

"Employee referral, social proximity and worker discipline" (with V.Iversen and G.Torsvik)