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Bhaskar Dutta

Curriculum Vitae

Contact details

Telephone: +44 (0)24 765 23478

Fax: +44 (0)24 765 23032

Email: B dot Dutta at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S1.112

Advice and feedback hours: Monday, 2.00-4.00

Research Interests

  • Formation of Groups and Networks
  • Mechanism Design
  • Cooperative GameTheory
  • Political Economy
  • Social Choice Theory

Recent Publications and working papers

Efficient Partnership Formation in Networks, to be published in Theoretical Economics, 2018, (written with Francis Bloch, Mihai Manea). Partnership

Coalition Formation and History Dependence, to be published in Theoretical Economics, 2018, (written with Hannu Vartiainen). HREFS

The Measurement of Welfare Change, to be published in Social Choice and Welfare, 2018. (written with Walter Bossert) Welfare

Rational Expectations and Farsighted Stability, Theoretical Economics, 2017, (written with Rajiv Vohra).- (PDF Document)Refs

Credibility and Strategic Learning in Networks, 2016, International Economic Review (written with Kalyan Chatterjee), - BZZ

Minimum Cost Arborescenses, Games and Economic Behavior, 2012 (written with Debasis Mishra) - arbor

Formation of Networks and Coalitions, 2010 (written with Francis Bloch), Handbook of Social Economics, edited by J.Benhabib, A.Bisin and M. Jackson- netsurvey

Nash Implementation with Partially Honest Individuals, Games and Economic Behavior, 2012 (written with Arunava Sen)-honesty

Child Labor and Household Wealth: Theory and Empirical Evidence of an Inverted U, (written with Kaushik Basu and Sanghamitra Das), Journal of Development Economics, 2010 - child.pdf

Externalities, Potential, Value and Consistency, Journal of Economic Theory, 2010, (written with Lars Ehlers and Anirban Kar) -shapley

Some Remarks on the Ranking of Infinite Utility Streams, in Arguments of a Better World:Essays in Honour of Amartya Sen, edited by Kaushik Basu and Ravi Kanbur, Oxford University Press, Oxford. - pdf file

Electoral Goals and Center-State Transfers: A Theoretical Model and Empirical Evidence from India, Journal of Development Economics, 2009 (with W.Arulampalam, S.Dasgupta and A.Dhillon)- pdf file

Communication Networks with Endogenous Link Strength, Games and Economic Behavior, 2009 (with Francis Bloch)- pdf file

Correlated Equilibria, Incomplete Information and Coalitional Deviations, Games and Economic Behavior, 2009 (written with Francis Bloch). correlated

Local Network Externalities and Market Segmentation, International Journal of Industrial Organisation, 2009 (with A.Banerji) - segmentation

Markets with Bilateral Bargaining and Incomplete Information, 2007 (written with Kalyan Chatterje).-pdf file

Strategy-proof Cardinal Decision Schemes, Social Choice and Welfare, 2007. (written with H.Peters and Arunava Sen)

Approval Voting: Three Examples, International Journal of Game Theory, 2006(with Francesco De Sinopli and Jean Francois Laslier), -pdf file 

Incomplete Information, Credibility and the Core, Mathematical Social Sciences, 2005 (with Rajiv Vohra)- pdf file

Farsighted Network Formation, Journal of Economic Theory, Vo. 122, 2005 (with S.Ghosal and D.Ray)- pdf file

The Banks Set and the Uncovered Set in Budget Allocation Problems, in D.Austen-Smith and J.Duggan (edited) Social Choice and Strategy, Springer, 2004 (with M. le Breton and M. Jackson) - pdf file

Equilibrium Agenda Formation, Social Choice and Welfare, 2004. (with M.Jackson and M.Le Breton) - pdf file

Cost Monotonicity, Consistency and Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Games, Games and Economic Behavior, 2004. (with Anirban Kar). -pdf file

Poverty, Inequality and Welfare, 2002, in K.J. Arrow, Amartya Sen and K.Suzumura (edited) Handbook of Social Choice Theory, North Holland.

Strategyproof Probabilistic Mechanisms in Economies with Pure Public Goods, Journal of Economic Theory,   2002(with Hans Peters and Arunava Sen)

Voting by Successive Elimination and Strategic Candidacy, Journal of Economic Theory, 2002 (with M.Jackson and M.Le Breton).

Strategic Candidacy and Voting Procedures, Econometrica, 2001 (with M.Jackson and M.Le Breton).

Strategyproofness of Multivalued Social Choice Procedures, Journal of Economic Theory, 2001 (with S. Barbera and Arunava Sen).