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My PhD Students

Current PhD students
  • Neha Bose: Neha started her PhD in October 2017. She is working on how personality affects behaviour. She is the current holder of a University of Warwick Chancellor's Scholarship. Neha's other supervisor is Thomas Hills (in the psychology department at Warwick).
  • Shi Zhuo: Shi started her PhD in October 2017. She is working on understanding the relationship between beliefs, preferences and information, and also wokring on mindfulness and how this might affect behaviour. She is the current holder of a University of Warwick Bridges Scholarship.
  • Anthony Tuckwell: Anthony is interested in behavioural economics espeically in relation to mindfulness. He holds a CAGE (ESRC) PhD studentship. His other supervisors are Robbert Akerlof and Roberto Pancrazi.
  • Antonio Schiavone: Antonio is working on (among other things) an experimental examination of the relationship between tax evasion and perceived corruption. His other supervisor is Victor Lavy.
Former PhD students
  • Mahnaz Nazneen (Thesis entitled "Individual characteristics and mood effects on strategic interactions"): Mahnaz is interested in behavioural and experimental economics espeically in relation to gender, corruption and the microeconomics of happiness. Mahnaz completed her PhD in 2017 at Warwick and is now a full-time teaching fellow and lab manager in the Economics Department at Wariwick. Mahnaz's other supervisor was Eugenio Proto.
  • Neel Ocean (Thesis entitled "New directions in behavioural economics: essays on personality and well-being"): Neel is working on personality and how it interacts with labour market decisions. Neel completed his PhD submitted his PhD in 2016 at Warwick and from Sept. 2017 Neel has been based at the University of Exeter as a post-doctoral researcher. Neel's other supervisor was Andrew Oswald.
  • David Ronayne (Thesis entitled "Issues facing the modern consumer: topics in industrial organisation and decision-making"): David works on consumer behviour incluing work on price comparison websites and alternative models of utility. David completed his PhD in 2015 at Warwick. Deom October 2016 he became a Research Fellow at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. David's other PhD supervisor was Motty Perry.
  • Athanasios Athanasopoulos (Thesis entitled "Three essays on technological change and welfare"): Thanos works on theoretical industrial organization, especially related to compatability and inter-operability in the software industry. Thanos completed his PhD in 2015 at Warwick. In September 2016 he moved to Leicester Business School to take up a tenure-track lectureship ("assistant professorship"). Thanos's other PhD supervisor was Claudio Mezzetti.

  • Andrew Harkins (Thesis entitled "Essays on social networks, information and organisations"): Andrew works on social network theory and information economics. Andrew completed his PhD in 2015 at Warwick. He was based in Paris as a post-doctoral researcher for 2015-16 but is now back at Warwick as a teaching fellow. Andrew's other PhD supervisor was Bhaskar Dutta.

  • Stephen Lovelady (Thesis entitled "Experiential regret aversion"): Stephen worked on building a theoretical foundation for regret, and testing his ideas both in the laboratory and empirically. Stephen completed his PhD in 2015 at Warwick. He is currently Global Modelling & Analytics Manager at Unilever and was formerly at Deloitte. Stephen's other PhD supervisor was Jonathan Cave.

  • Ruben Pastor-Vicedo (Thesis entitled "Optimal procurement with auditing and bribery"): Ruben worked in the area of theoretical industrial organization, and in particular in the role of experts and intermediaries, and of testing, in models of asymmetric information. Ruben completed his PhD in 2013 at Warwick. He is currently Regulations and Compliance Manager at Robin Hood Energy and was formerly at Ofgem. Ruben's other PhD supervisor was Claudio Mezzetti.
  • Rachel Hayward (Thesis entitled "The Impact of Herding on the Sustainability of Pegged Exchange Rates"): Rachel completed her PhD in 2006 at Cambridge. Rachel has worked at a variety of consulting firms, think tanks and regulatory bodies including Acuity Economics, The Picker Institute, Nuffield Trust, OXERA, DotEcon and Ofqual.
PhD students examined
  • Andis Sofianos (Thesis entitled Individual and group characteristics and their economic implications): Andis completed his PhD in 2016 at the University of Warwick.
  • Konstantin Matthies (Thesis entitled "Economics of risk and information: theoretical and experimental contributions"): Konstantin completed his PhD in 2015 at the University of Cambridge.
  • Sarah Mansour (Thesis entitled Essays on experimental economics): Sarah completed her PhD in 2014 at the University of Warwick and is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Cairo.
  • Michalis Zaouras (Thesis entitled: Essays on market structure and competition): Michalis completed his PhD in 2012 at the University of Warwick and is now a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Groningen.
  • Seyed Farshad Fatemi Ardestani (Thesis entitled Essays in industrial organization): Seyed completed his PhD at University College London in 2009 and is now an Assistant Professor at Sharif University of Technology.
  • Aron Toth (Thesis entitled Essays on moral hazard, reputation and market structure): Aron completed his PhD in 2008 at the University fo Warwick. Aron first worked at the Financial Stability Directorate in the Bank of England before moving on to become a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Bath.