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Jiaqi Li

1st year PhD student Research Assistant at CEP, LSE  Feel free to email me if you would like to talk about your research or my research.
Curriculum vitae  
Research Interest

Labour Economics

Working Papers


Prof. Sonia Bhalotra

Prof. Stefano Caria

Prof. Robert Akerlof


"The Role of Paternal Time in Intragenerational Mobility in the US."

"Lost Curie-Skłodowskas? The effect of gender discrimination on firm innovation" (With Paweł Bukowski)

"Fewer girls born? The unintended consequence of a conditional cash transfer program in India."

(With Marco Alfano, Wiji Arulampalam and Artemisa Flores)

Policy report

“Are ‘green’ jobs good jobs?”. (With Anna Valero , Capucine Riom, Sabrina Muller , Mirko Draca, and Viet Nguyen-Tien) 

a) Policy Brief b) Full report