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Jiaqi Li

2nd year of 6-year MRes/PhD Economics
Research Assistant at CEP, POID, and Grantham at LSE.

Research chat. For anyone, regardless of where you are in the world, if you would like to chat about Labour Economics, please feel free to email me. : )


Research Interests

  • Labour Economics


“Racial Difference in Child Penalty and the Economic Construction of Gender Identity"

"Occupational Difference in Intrahousehold Bargaining: Feminism vs. Neoclassical labour supply"

“Racial Difference in Child penalty, Child Development and Intragenerational Mobility” (With Ellora Derenoncourt)

“Payroll Tax Avoidance and Alternative Work Arrangement. Evidence from a regression discontinuity design in the UK” (With Anna Valero)

“Green jobs, skills and employment in the UK and EU”. (With Anna Valero , Capucine Riom, Nicholas Stern, Alex Bowen , Sabrina Muller and Viet Nguyen-Tien)

“Fewer girls born? The unintended consequence of a conditional cash transfer program in India”. (With Marco Alfano, Wiji Arulampalam and Artemisa Flores)