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Marija Vukotic

Contact Details

Telephone: +44 (0)24 765 28418

Email: M dot Vukotic at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S2.115

Advice and feedback hours Term 3:

E-mail me to book an appointment

Associate Professor

Research Interests

  • Macroeconomics, Business Cycles
  • Economics of Innovation and Technical Change

  • International Macroeconomics

You can download my Curriculum Vitae here.


Past teaching at Warwick:

  • Topics in International Economics (2nd year MRes, Weeks 1-6) (Syllabus)
  • EC204 Macroeconomics (2nd year UG)
  • EC235 Topics in Applied Economics (2a) (3rd year UG)

Current Roles at Warwick


For more details visit my Personal Webpage.

1. Delayed Adjustment and Persistence in Macroeconomic Models, with Thijs van Rens, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 55 (6), 2023, 1325-1356.

2. How Distorted Food Prices Discourage a Healthy Diet, with Thijs van Rens and Roberto Pancrazi Science Advances, 8 (13), 30 March 2022.

3. Patent-Based News Shocks, with Danilo Cascaldi-Garcia, The Review of Economics and Statistics (2022) 104 (1): 51–66.

Download Online Appendix here.

Original and Extended Series of the Structural Shock Link opens in a new window(original until 2010:Q4, extended until 2019:Q4)

4. Welfare Gains of Bailouts in a Sovereign Default Model, with Roberto Pancrazi and Hernan S. Seoane, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 113, 193867, April 2020.

( this is a substantially revised version of the previous version "Welfare Costs of Sovereign Debt Crises: the Role of Bailouts")

5. Sectoral Effects of News Shocks,  Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 81, March 2019, 215–249.

( this is a substantially revised version of the draft circulated as "A Sectoral Approach to News Shocks" )

6. Inflation Sensitivity to Monetary Policy: What has Changed since the Early 1980's , with Roberto Pancrazi, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 81, March 2019, 412-436.

(Previously circulated as "On the Effectiveness of Conventional Monetary Policy")

7. The Price of Capital and the Financial Accelerator, with Roberto Pancrazi and Hernan Seoane, Economics Letters, Volume 140, December 2016, Pages 86-89

*Replication files for solving BGG with the equilibrium price of capital: download

Working Papers:

Innovation During Challenging times with Danilo Cascaldi-Garcia and Sarah Zubairy

Exchange Rate Dynamics in an Estimated Small Open Economy DSGE Model, Working Paper, 2007