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Macroeconomics and International

We have an active Macro and International Economics research group at The University of Warwick.

Each week we hold an external seminar, an internal workshop and a reading group. In addition to the faculty members listed below, a large group of high quality PhD students participate in these events.

Our key research areas and topics:

  • Macroeconomics, business cycles, labour markets, monetary economics
  • Growth, institutions and development
  • International economics, finance, exchange rates, sovereign debt
  • International trade

Our activities

Macro and International Economics Seminar
Thursday, 2.00-3.30pm
For external speakers from top-level academic institutions across the world.
Organiser: Liliana Varela
Organiser: Federico Rossi

Macro and International Economics Workshop
Friday, 1.00-2.00pm
For faculty and PhD students at Warwick, and occasional external speakers, to present their work and give feedback to each other.
Organiser: Thijs van Rens
Organiser: Horng Wong