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Nathan Canen

Nathan Canen

Associate Professor
Director of PGT Studies (Econ and DS)

Research Affiliation


  • TBC

Contact details

Email: Nathan dot Canen at warwick dot ac dot uk
Room: S2.116
Advice and feedback hours: appointment via email
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About me

My current research agenda focuses on the organization of political institutions, such as political parties and legislatures, as well as the networks therein. I also study statistical methods that are applicable to these problems, including those related to "structural estimation". I hold a Ph.D in Economics from the University of British Columbia.

Research Interests

  • Political Economy
  • Networks
  • Applied Econometrics

Unbundling Polarization (with Chad Kendall and Francesco Trebbi), Econometrica, May 2020, 88(3), p.1197-1233.

Estimating Local Interactions Among Many Agents Who Observe Their Neighbors (with Jacob Schwartz and Kevin Song), Quantitative Economics, July 2020, 11(3), p.917-956.

Counterfactual Analysis Under Partial Identification Using Locally Robust Refinement (with Kevin Song), Journal of Applied Econometrics, June/July 2021, 36(4), p.416-436.

Political Distortions, State Capture, and Economic Development in Africa (with Leonard Wantchekon), Journal of Economic Perspectives, Winter 2022, 36(1), p.101-124.

How Campaign Ads Stimulate Political Interest (with Gregory J. Martin), Review of Economics and Statistics, March 2023, 105(2), p.292-310.

Political Uncertainty and the Forms of State Capture (with Rafael Ch and Leonard Wantchekon), Journal of Development Economics, January 2023, vol. 160, 102972.

Social Interactions and Legislative Activity (with Matthew O. Jackson and Francesco Trebbi), Journal of the European Economic Association, June 2023, vol. 11(2), p. 1072-1118.

Political Parties as Drivers of U.S. Polarization: 1927-2018 (with Chad Kendall and F. Trebbi)

Quantifying Theory in Politics: Identification, Interpretation and the Role of Structural Methods (with Kristopher Ramsay)

A Decomposition Approach to Counterfactual Analysis in Game-Theoretic Models (with Kevin Song)

Synthetic Decomposition for Counterfactual Predictions (with Kevin Song)

Lobbying as Insurance Against Policy Uncertainty: Evidence from Financial Markets (with Kristy Buzard and Sebastian Saiegh)

Innovation Adoption by Committee: Evaluating Decision-Making in the FDA (with Matias Iaryczower)