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Econometrics and Labour

Econometrics and Labour

The Econometrics and Labour Research Group covers a wide number of topics within the areas of modern econometric theory and applications, as well as labour economics. On the econometrics side, the research interests include: the econometrics of networks, panel data econometrics, macroeconometrics and financial econometrics. On the labour side, the group is interested in, among other topics, the economics of education, gender economics, ethnic discrimination, personnel economics, crime, technology and innovation, job search, human capital, and happiness.

The group organises an Econometric seminar that takes place every two weeks on Mondays at 2pm. The group also participates in the CAGE seminar in applied economics, which runs every two weeks on Tuesday at 2pm. Students and faculty of the group present their work in progress in two brown bag seminars which run weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday at 1pm. The group also co-organises annual workshops, such as the Warwick Applied Workshop (in June), which aims to gather young talented researchers in all fields of applied microeconomics, and the Econometrics Workshop, a one-day event coupled with an econometrics masterclass.

Our activities

Econometrics Seminar

Monday afternoons
For faculty and PhD students at Warwick and other top-level academic institutions across the world. For a detailed scheduled of speakers please see our upcoming events.
Organisers: Kenichi Nagasawa and Ao Wang

Work in Progress Seminars

Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 1.00-2.00pm
Students and Faculty of the group present their work in progress in two brown bag seminars. For a detailed scheduled of speakers see our upcoming events.
Organiser: Chris Roth



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Tue 31 May, '22
CWIP (CAGE Work in Progress) - James Fenske
S2.79 via MS Teams
Tue 31 May, '22
Applied Economics, Econometrics & Public Policy (CAGE) Seminar - Anne Brockmeyer (Institute for Fiscal Studies)

Title: Tax Audits Under Weak Fiscal Capacity: Experimental Evidence from Senegal, joint work with Pierre Bachas, Alipio Ferreira, and Bassirou Sarr.

Abstract: Developing economies are characterized by limited compliance with government regulations, such as taxation. Resources for enforcement are scarce and audit cases are often selected in a discretionary manner. We study whether the increasing availability of digitized data helps improve audit targeting. In a field experiment at scale in Senegal, we compare tax audits selected by inspectors to audits selected by a risk-scoring algorithm. We find that inspector-selected audits are more likely to be conducted and uncover similar amounts of evasion as algorithm-selected audits. However, algorithm-selected audits require less manpower, are faster and may generate less corruption. In ongoing work, we attempt to unpack the algorithm’s (dis)functioning and its interaction with human capital.

Seminar organisers: Manuel Bagues & Ludovica Gazze

Mon 6 Jun, '22
Econometrics Seminar - Matt Shum (Caltech)
via Zoom

This seminar is joint with Bristol University and will be hosting today's event.

Tue 7 Jun, '22
CWIP (CAGE Work in Progress) - Amrita Kulka
S1.50 via MS Teams
Tue 7 Jun, '22
Applied Economics, Econometrics & Public Policy (CAGE) Seminar - Ralf Martin

Joint with WBS


Tue 14 Jun, '22
CWIP (CAGE Work in Progress) - Eric Renault
S2.77 via MS Teams