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Political Economy and Public Economics

The Department of Economics at the University of Warwick has an active Political Economy and Public Economics (PEPE) Research Group. These two disciplines have natural complementarities. Political Economy focuses more on the political feasibility of certain policies by looking at which policies are more likely to enjoy public support and thus succeed in an electoral contest. Public economics looks more at determining which policies are optimal in every environment, but is less concerned about their political approval or feasibility.

Recent world events such as the public backlash against globalization and inequality have raised awareness for the need for more integration between these two approaches as political resistance to the adoption of potentially beneficial policies has become ever more salient. Hence by their very nature these two disciplines transcend traditional field divisions such as micro and macroeconomics: they use theoretical, empirical and experimental methods to obtain conclusions, thus generating synergies with various other groups in our department from development to experimental to history to macroeconomics to economic theory.

Our activities

PEPE Research Group Seminar

Monday: 4.00-5.30pm
A weekly seminar is organised that brings top economists and political scientist speakers every week for a double-feature seminar in coordination with the LSE.

For a detailed scheduled of speakers please follow the link below:

Organisers: Kirill Pogorelskiy and Helios Herrera

PEPE Research Group Annual Conference

In collaboration with colleagues from Princeton and Utah, the PEPE Research Group organises an annual conference which has become a central meeting of political economists in Europe. Having taken place in previous years at Warwick in Venice, it attracts over 70 delegates attending from leading institutions in the US, EU and the UK. Every year, several of our PhD students get to participate in a fully funded conference with an opportunity to engage with leading scholars.

Find out more about this year's conference which will take place 20-21 March 2020 in Rome.

Organisers: Helios Herrera

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