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Support for PGRs and Supervisors

Building, maintaining and repairing the PGR/supervisor relationship

An ERC-funded collaboration between Professor Jane Bryan (Warwick) and Dr Deborah Cunninghame-Graham (KCL) with an external mediation consultant, Emma McAndry (Director of Essential Mediation Solutions) looked at how individuals and institutions could strengthen the relationships between postgraduate researchers and their supervisors to enhance satisfaction, performance and continuation.

The project team held focus groups with PGRs and supervisors to find out the more common reasons for difficulties within their relationship. A workshop was developed and piloted for PGRs and supervisors and written resources are being tested.

Find out more

Resources are being developed drawing on the research with PGRs and supervisors during the project. Please leave details if you would like to see these once finalised.

More resources

More support can be found at the Warwick Doctoral Colleges webpages.

Mediation is also available for PGRs and staff, free of charge, for issues arising from their relationship with each other or anyone else. To speak to someone, please complete this form.