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Stuart Elden's Shakespearean Territories Book Published

Shakespearean.TerritoriesStuart Elden’s book Shakespearean Territories was published in late 2018 by University of Chicago Press. The book uses readings of a number of Shakespeare’s plays to explore different aspects of territory.

Shakespeare’s plays explore many territorial themes: from the division of the kingdom in King Lear, to the relations among Denmark, Norway, and Poland in Hamlet, to questions of disputed land and the politics of banishment in Richard II. Shakespeare dramatized a world of technological advances in measuring, navigation, cartography, and surveying, and his plays open up important ways of thinking about strategy, economy, the law, and colonialism, providing critical insight into a significant juncture in history.

The book explores how Shakespeare can be read as developing a nuanced understanding of the complicated concept and practice of territory and, more broadly, the political-geographical relations between people, power, and place.

More details about the book can be found at the publisher website:

Charlotte Heath-Kelly Receives the 2019 ISA Conference Post-PhD Paper Award

Dr. Charlotte Heath-Kelly has received the 2019 ISA Conference Post-PhD Paper Award for her paper 'Survivor Trees and memorial groves: Vegetal commemoration of victims of terrorism in Europe and the United States,' it was selected by judges from the Theory Section of the International Studies Association after many rounds of review and discussion.

The paper explores how trees are increasingly used in commemoration of terrorism victims, and the complications of representing human life with vegetal symbols. It is based on Dr Heath-Kelly's ESRC funded research of terrorism memorialisation and can be read here.

For more information on the award, please see:

Wed 07 November 2018, 10:52 | Tags: Front, Staff, PhD, UG, International Relations and Security

Tom Long's article published in International Affairs

Tom Long published a new article in the November issue of International Affairs. His piece, "Latin America and the liberal international order: an agenda for research", explores why the region has played a marginal role in this burgeoning IR debate—and what serious engagement with the region could add to both critical and supportive accounts of liberal international order (LIO). The article argues that, "The LIO has shaped Latin America, and Latin America has shaped the LIO—but not always in the ways supporters or critics might expect."

The article is available here:

Tue 06 November 2018, 15:12 | Tags: Front, Staff, CSGR, International Relations and Security, Research

PAIS MA candidate wins 3rd place in international writing contest

Earlier this year, The Strategy Bridge asked university and professional military education students to participate in their first annual writing contest by sending in their thoughts on strategy.

Congratulations to Julian D’Souza, an International Security MA student here in PAIS, who finished third in the contest!

You can read Julian's essay, titled "Lost Blue Helmets in Wars Among People: Revitalizing UN Peace Operations for the Context of Modern Warfare" at the following link:

Thu 04 October 2018, 15:18 | Tags: MA, International Relations and Security

PAIS Student Article Shortlisted for Prize

An article by Columba Achilleos-Sarll, a PAIS PhD student, has been short-listed for the 2017 Feminist and Women’s Studies Association’s Annual Student Essay Competition.

The article, entitled, 'Reconceptualising Foreign Policy as Gendered, Sexualised and Racialised: Towards a Postcolonial Feminist Foreign Policy (Analysis)', can be downloaded for free here:

Thu 08 February 2018, 11:39 | Tags: Front, Staff, PhD, MA, UG, International Relations and Security

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