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Triple promotion success in PAIS

The Department is delighted to announce that Charlotte Heath Kelly has been promoted to Reader, with effect from 1 June, 2019.

The Department is also very pleased to announce that the University Professorial Promotions Committee have confirmed that both Vicki Squire and Juanita Elias were successful in their promotion to Professor. These promotions are also with effect from 1 June, 2019.

Fri 29 Mar 2019, 13:31 | Tags: Front, Staff, PhD, MA, UG

The 4th industrial revolution for risk management – what you can learn at Warwick

HackerCyberattacks and data breach are amongst the top threats facing any business. In the last fortnight, global brand Facebook announced it had suffered an attack from cyber criminals.

Not only does this affect the personal data and credit card details of millions of customers, it also affects the brand and people’s confidence in doing business online. Moreover, the impact of these attacks can ultimately have catastrophic effects on the security of the nation and all organisations are potentially vulnerable.

Professor Tom Sorell in PAIS outlines how the University’s collaboration with the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) can help managers and professionals with managing accelerated digital disruption in their organisation:

A fourth industrial revolution - blurring lines between the digital, cyber and physical worlds, calls for a fourth generation of risk management. We need to introduce learners to digital as a disruptive force both in products and services, as well as offer clear explanations around cybersecurity risks in business or the public sector.”

The new face of risk?

A recent joint report on risk management perspectives of global corporations – produced by the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) and Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School highlighted cyber security, business continuity and crisis management as the top risks identified by organisations surveyed.

The Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies Academic Director, Professor Daniel Ralph, said:

“Corporations must contend with both internal and external risks that threaten their business models. Their stakeholders are keenly aware of the many potential factors impacting corporate profitability and longevity, thus greater transparency in risk reporting will be expected in the future.

Companies go to vast expense to try to protect their organisations’ from such attacks, digital safety and security ultimately comes down to good enterprise risk management principles and practices. If Amazon, Cathay Pacific, the NHS, Marriott Starwood Hotels and even Uber are vulnerable then so are you and your organisation.”

More about the course

The Digital Risk Management Certificate course has been designed by PAIS, the Warwick University Institute of Cybersecurity and the IRM to help risk practitioners and other professionals to understand how new technologies and digitalisation are disrupting businesses, bringing both risk and opportunity. It will also demonstrate that while the work environment may be changing, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to risk management – existing tools and techniques can be applied and adapted as needed.

Find out more via the IRM and PAIS pages.

Tue 26 Mar 2019, 09:56 | Tags: Front, Staff, PhD, MA, UG

BEAR Network Field Trip: Congratulations to Constance Bobotsi

BEAR NetworkCongratulations to Constance Bobotsi, a final year undergraduate student at PAIS! Constance was competitively selected to take part in a field trip to Latvia and Estonia (10-17 February, 2019) as part of the “Between the EU and Russia” (BEAR) Network, of which PAIS is a member. Along with 7 other BEAR Network laureates from around the world and a group of University of Glasgow students, she spent a week in the Baltics researching identity and memory. In particular, the trip focused on the history of occupation by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and how memory shapes discourses and interactions today between ethnic Latvians and Estonians, on the one hand, and Russian-speaking minorities, on the other.

The trip started in Riga, where discussions took place with the Director of the Latvian Museum of Occupation and the Editor in Chief of the National Encyclopaedia. Then the group travelled to Narva, an industrial Estonian city right on the border to Russia, where ethnic Estonians are only a minority. There, students met Kristina Kallas, Head of University of Tartu Narva College and leader of the newly-founded Estonia 200 party, as well as staff from the educational Integration Foundation. The final stop was the Estonian capital, Tallinn, where students visited the Estonian Museum of Occupation and saw monuments that sparked controversy in Estonian society a few years back.

Constance Bobotsi writes: “This trip was a unique opportunity to experience social research first-hand and to understand the challenges scholars face when researching concepts like identity. At the same time, it equipped me with new understandings of research methodologies and shortcomings and inspired me to investigate new approaches for my dissertation, which focuses on post-national identity in the era of globalisation. I would like to thank the BEAR Network and PAIS for allowing me to have this experience as an undergraduate student, and encourage everyone in PAIS to make the most of such special opportunities!”

Mon 25 Feb 2019, 09:57 | Tags: Front, Staff, UG

NSS Now Open for PAIS Finalists

NSS LogoThe National Student Survey (NSS) is now open at the link below. In partnership with our students, we have built the PAIS department together. Thank you! We’d love your feedback on the three or four years you have spent with us, in PAIS.


Why else complete the survey?

  • Treat Yourself – by receiving £5 Eating at Warwick credit, as a thank you
  • Help a Charity – for each PAIS response, we will donate £5 to the Warwick Cancer Research Centre, our finalists chosen charity.
  • Shape the Future of PAIS – your feedback will help shape the future of the PAIS department

It will take just 5 minutes to complete. Your feedback matters and makes a huge difference to PAIS as shown on our You Said We Did page.

Last year PAIS achieved 95 per cent for overall satisfaction - No 1 in the Russell Group.

Please remember the £5 credit only applies to those who complete online so please complete early to ensure you do not lose out.

Simply send your confirmation email – after completing the survey - to to receive your £5.

Wed 06 Feb 2019, 10:51 | Tags: Front, UG

PAIS response to the news regarding the return of suspended Warwick Students

Several students and staff members in the Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS) have raised concerns in relation to the recent news that students previously banned will be allowed to return to campus in September. All students in PAIS were emailed on Friday 1st February by the Head of Department and were assured that PAIS as a department unreservedly condemns hate speech and threats of sexual violence on campus in any form. PAIS is committed to promoting a welcoming and inclusive institutional culture, consistent with the Dignity at Warwick policy that all staff and students at Warwick are obliged to follow. The Department treats the safety and dignity of its students as the utmost priority and will also be liaising with other departments, the students union and our SSLCs to ensure that student concerns are heard and addressed.

Mon 04 Feb 2019, 16:11 | Tags: Front, Staff, PhD, MA, UG

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