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Japan's International Relations

Japan’s International Relations: Politics: Economics and Security, with G. Hook, J. Gilson, and H. Dobson (London, Routledge, 2001) 532 pages.


This comprehensive and user-friendly textbook provides a single volume resource for all those studying Japan's international relations. The book offers a clear and concise introduction to the most important aspects of Japan's role in the globalized economy of the twenty-first century.

Japan's International Relations:
* examines the historical context of Japan's emergence on to the world stage
* looks at Japan's international relations in terms of the core issues of politics, economics and security
* provides detailed accounts of Japan's key relationships with the US, East Asia, the EU and global institutions
* explores the effects of contemporary events such as the Asian financial crisis and the launch of the Euro
* is extensively illustrated throughout with statistics, maps, photographs, chapter summaries and suggestions for further reading

It is essential reading for those studying Japanese politics and the international relations of the Asia Pacific, as well as US and European foreign policy.