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Rayane Anser

PhD Candidate


I am an Algerian student with an MA in British and American Studies (2017) and a BA in English Language and Literature (2015) from the University of Constantine in Algeria. I started my programme at the University of Warwick after being awarded a scholarship from the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to pursue PhD studies in the UK. My thesis is provisionally titled: ‘The Role of the Constitution in the Consolidation of Hybrid Regimes: Forms and Outcomes of Constitutional instrumentalisation in Algeria’, and is supervised by Dr Renske Doorenspleet and Dr Özlem Atikcan.

My doctoral research focuses on the different forms of constitutional instrumentalisation in Algeria and traces the immediate outcome of such practices as well as the overarching impact they have on regime consolidation. The thesis tests the hypothesis that constitutional instrumentalisation contributes to the consolidation of a hybrid system of government in Algeria, and I use process tracing methods to test the causal mechanisms hypothesised.

Research Interests:
  • Comparative Politics
  • Hybrid regime consolidation
  • Constitutions and constitutionalism
  • Process tracing methods
  • Algeria, MENA region, post-colonial Africa


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“Algeria: Divisions as country heads towards controversial elections”, Open Democracy, 28.05.2019 [URL]

“Bouteflika’s removal won’t resolve Algerian protesters’ concerns”. The Washington Post, 28.03.2019 [URL]