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The Dynamics of Nuclear Proliferation (PO3A1)

This module analyses the dynamics of nuclear proliferation and their governance. It investigates common and competing theories of nuclear proliferation, focussing on individuals, the state and the international structure as sources of nuclear proliferation. It tests these theories against several historical and contemporary case studies. After assessing contemporary developments within the context of multilateral constraints, the module examines the regional politics of nuclear proliferation, paying particular attention to contemporary controversies including: horizontal proliferation (e.g. North Korea, Iran, fears of nuclear terrorism), and vertical proliferation (e.g. US and Russian force modernisation).

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a sound grasp of the main theoretical arguments and substantive issues regarding nuclear proliferation
  • Demonstrate understanding of historical and contemporary developments in nuclear proliferation
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the key actors in the global and regional politics of nuclear weapons, and the institutions and processes through which they interact
  • Present work coherently and to a high academic standard.

tehran summit

Module Director:

Dom Kelly