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Conference Papers

Many thanks to all who contributed to and attended this year's conference. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we here at CSGR did and look forward to seeing you all again here next year. Please find below some of the papers and abstracts which were presented at the conference.

CSGR, CIGI, UNU-CRIS Annual Conference 2005 Abstracts


Plenary Speakers Plenary Title
Ramesh Thakur and Luk Van Langenhove Enhancing Global Governance through Regional Integration


Delegate Paper Title
Martin Albrow and Colin Bradford

Regionalism in Global Governance: Realigning Goals and Leadership with Cultures

Annegret Bendiek

EU and Interregional Relations: An analysis of soft power

Stephen Broadberry

When did Europe Overtake Asia? Wages, Prices and Economic Development, 1500-1800

Mely Caballero-Anthony

The Asian SARS Experience: A Case for Advancing Health and Human Security

Mely Caballero-Anthony Non-Traditional Security in Asia: The Many Faces of Securitisation
David Camroux

“Asia, whose Asia?”: Identity and Realpolitik in Evolving Concepts of an Asian Community from Bandung 1955 to Kuala Lumpur 2005

Albert Carreras and Xavier Tafunell The European Union economic growth experience, 1830-2000
Marco Caselli Measuring... what? Notes on some globalization indices
Paul Close Regionalisation, Regionalism and Supranationalism in East Asia in Global Context
Andrew Cooper Executive but Expansive: The L20 as a project of “New Multilateralism and “New” Regionalism
Jean F. Crombois Comparing Modes of Governance: the EU and the US Free Trade Strategies towards North Africa
Amrita Dhillon, Javier Garcia-Fronti, Sayantan Ghosal and Marcus Miller (presented by Javier Garcia-Fronti) Bargaining and sustainability: The Argentine debt swap of 2005
Heribert Dieter
Par Engstrom Regional governance in the americas: defending democracy and promoting human rights through collective action
Oke Edward Epia

African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM): Problems And Prospects of a Regional Governance Monitor

Tania Felicio
Luis Jorge Garay and Phillipe De Lombaerde Preferential Rules of Origin: Models and Levels of Rulemaking
Rosalba Icarza Garza Regionalizarion of Governance in Mexico and the Neoliberal Agenda on Development and Democracy
Brigid Gavin Reconciling Regionalism and Multilateralism Towards Multilevel Trade Governance
Carina Gerlach The EU and the GATS: Shaping the Framework for the Globalisation of Services Trade
Randall Germain Regionalization and financial governance:comparing the interwar era with today
Rita Giacalone

Some Conceptual and Empirical issues about the South American Community of Nations (SACN)

Myriam Martins Gistelinck The influence of Brazil's developmental projects on its positioning in the negotiation of regional and bi-regional trade agreements
Kennedy Graham

Regionalisation and the Taming of Globalisation? Economic, Political, Security, Social Issues

Björn Hettne

Beyond the ‘New’ Regionalism

Lelio Iapadre and Silvia Formentini Cultural Policies and International Economic Integration: The Case of the European Union
Sujata Jhamb Indian experience with globalization and preferential trading arrangements post 1991
Lin Jue

A Rising Global Economic Power-China: Explanations and Strategic Implications

Mirjam Kars Globalisation and Regional co-operation: the case of European telecommunications
Shashank Krishna

Regional Trading Agreements and WTO – Stepping Stone or Stumbling Blocks in Liberalization of World Trade

Daniel Lambach The State, Order, and the Region
Alexander Libman

Bottom-Up and Top-Down Integration in the Post-Soviet Space

Franklyn Lisk

Regional Responses to HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Global Public Goods Approach

Paulette Lloyd An Empirical Test of Theories of World Divisions and Globalixation Processes: An International and Comparative Regional Perspective.(Paper) (Graphs 1)  (Graphs 2)
Alexander Macleod

GLOBALISATION, REGIONALISATION & THE AMERICAS The Free Trade Area of the Americas: Fuelling the ‘race to the bottom’?

Bessma Momani Reacting to Global Forces: Economic and Political Integration of the Gulf Cooperation Council
Thomas Moore

Racing to Integrate, or Cooperating to Compete? China, Globalization, and East Asian Regionalism

Derek McDougall

The (in)effectiveness of security regionalism: Comparing ASEAN and the Pacific Islands Forum

Shaun Narine China and the United States: Competing Capitalisms and Competing Institutions? An Assessment
Helen E S Nesadurai

Regional Economic Surveillance and Financial Governance in East Asia: Knowledge, Interests and Policy Dialogue

Peter Newell

Civil society participation in trade policy-making in Latin America: The Case of the Environmental Movement

Peter North

Building Localised Economies as a Response to Globalisation? Some lessons from Alternative Currency Networks.

Robert O'Brien No Safe Havens: Labour, Regional Integration and Globalization
Jane Parpart African Development: Debates and Prospects
Simon Perrault (co authored by Raphael Canet and Jules Duchastel) The Internationalisation of Social Forums and “Regionalisation” of Global Protest
T.J. Pempel

Firebreak: East Asia Institutionalizes its Finances

Leandro Prados de la Escosura Gershenron Revisited: European Patterns of Development in Historical Perspective
Mzukisi Qobo Regionalism as strategic response to globalisation? The Case of South Africain SADC Regional Integration
Martine Reuben

"Regionalism Agenda in Africain an Era of Globalization’’ Who are the Actors and for Whose Interests? The Experience of the Great Lakes Of African Continent.

Robbie Robertson

Regionalism in the Pacific: A New Development Strategy

Golam Robbani Regional Peace through Economic Integration: Applicability of EU Model in South Asia
Alan Rugman

Regional Multinationals and the Myth of Globalization

Irina Semenenko Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance Issues in Russia
Timothy Shaw

Commonwealth(s) in Comparative Perspective: towards other globalisations?

Adam Sneyd

The South Coalition and the Taming of Globalization: Obstacles and Possibilities

Frederik Söderbaum

Civil Society and Regionalization in Southern Africa
Yul Sohn

Where is in a Region? Drawing and Structuring Region’s Boundaries in Japan and Its Implications for Korea

Andrew Staples

Political economy and corporate strategy in East Asia: Responses to regionalism in the automotive sector

Rodrigo Tavares

Understanding Regional Peace and Security: A Framework for Analysis

Takashi Terada

Japanand Evolution of Regionalism in Asia: Leadership, Common Interests and Regional Concepts

Nicholas Thomas

Responding to the Next Pandemic: The Regionalisation of Avian Flu in Southeast Asia

Heidi Ulrich

Assessing the Interaction between Multiple Levels of Rule-Making in Trade in Telecommunications Services

Alex Warleigh

Studying Regionalisation Comparatively: A Conceptual Framework

Douglas Webber

Trade and Security in East Asia: Political (Non-?) Integration in an Insecure Region (Paper) (Bibliography)

Paul Williams From Unity to Union: The historical development of Africa’s regional security culture
Elizabeth Wishnick China as a Risk Society
Steve Woolcock

The role of regional agreements in trade and investment regimes

Brigitte Young The Emergence of "Fractured" Regional Markets