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MindGrad 2009

Warwick Graduate Conference in the Philosophy of Mind

Saturday 5th–Sunday 6th December 2009

MS.04, Mathematics and Statistics Building
University of Warwick, UK

Keynote Speakers:

Alva Noë (University of California, Berkeley)
‘Presence in Pictures’

Tim Crane (University of Cambridge)
‘The Given’

Graduate Speakers:

Sense Experience, Content and Demonstrative Concepts
Jean Mueller (University of Manchester)

Visual Differentiation and Spatial Perception
Craig French (University College London)

I, Me, Mine
Alisa Mandrigin (University of Edinburgh)

Two Different Interpretations of Partial Report Paradigms
Henry Shevlin (University of Oxford)

Analyticity and Being in a Position to Know
David Tait (University College London)

Modal Rationalism and the Transference of Meaning
James Trafford (University of East London)

Further Information

To receive the latest MindGrad news and announcements you can follow @MindGrad on Twitter or RSVP to our Facebook event. E-mail enquiries should be directed to mind dot grad at warwick dot ac dot uk.

MindGrad 2009 was made possible by the kind support of The Mind Association, The Aristotelian Society, The Analysis Trust, the University of Warwick Department of Philosophy and Roberts Skills Fund.