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The Meeting

Alex has convened a meeting of a working group to discuss these issues. Sandy Corbett, the consultant, has been invited to come and advise the company, and is due to give a presentation to the working group immediately following this initial meeting. Because of the company-wide potential for MRP, especially if it were to be extended into MRP2, a group of eight key personnel has been called together.

These include:

Alex Rheingold: Managing Director

Chairs the meeting. Knows about the furniture industry. The driving force behind the recent management buy-out. Impressed by a recent conference presentation by the MRP consultant, Sandy Corbett: hence the present event.

Chris Duncan: Financial Director

Knows about the turnover and profitability of the firm.

Jan Pettigrew: Operations Director

Worked entirely within the furniture industry, and believes it to be unique and distinct. Been on a course about MRP.

Rowan Gregory: Chief Designer

Ambitious to promote a quality "Oakland's Style".

Sam Newton: Sales and Distribution Manager

Responsible for sales and customer care.

Jo Armstrong: Purchasing Manager

Responsible for maintaining adequate stocks of quality timbers. Knows something about JIT.

Robin Johnston: Production Scheduler

Time served, with excellent intuitive judgement.

Jean Lamont: Systems Administrator

Knows about the existing computer systems and about data handling practicalities.

Sandy Corbett: Outside Consultant

Invited to do a presentation on MRP2 by Alex Rheingold.