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Claus Jørgensen

Claus Jørgensen is a visiting academic from the Institute of Business and Technology at Aarhus University, Denmark. He is currently studying for a phd within the areas of knowledge integration and innovation with the current title: “Strategic offshore sourcing decisions and their influence upon innovation capabilities and the role of knowledge integration”. More specifically it is longitudinal case studies within SMEs that have offshored company activities over a longer period of time to low cost countries.

Claus has been employed as a lecturer at Aarhus University for the last 6½ years within the fields of Management, Organizational behavior and Innovation. Claus has a Masters in International Business and Modern languages from the University of Southern Denmark as well as a Subsidiary degree in Spanish and a specialised business economics diploma in organization from the University of Southern Denmark. He has had managerial experience within the educational sector prior to his employment at Aarhus University.

Claus’ general research interests lie in the areas of coordination, collaboration and cross-boundary knowledge sharing and innovation in the organizational settings of SMEs. Furthermore he is familiar with other research fields that concern strategic management and business development.