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Jeanne Mengis

Jeanne Mengis is a senior research fellow at IKON and a senior lecturer at the University of Lugano, Switzerland.

In her research, she works on a communication perspective on knowledge processes in organizations and conducts research on cross-disciplinary collaboration, knowledge integration, and evidence-based learning. Prior to her current engagement, she was a post-doctoral visiting fellow at Boston University, School of Management. She received her Ph.D in February 2007 from the University of Lugano (awarded with summa cum laude).

From 2003-200, she was co-project manager of a three-year research project on the integration of expert knowledge in decision making. During 2004/2005, she was a doctoral visiting fellow at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Jeanne has teaching experiences at the master, executive master and bachelor level, taught at the universities of St.Gallen, Lausanne, and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. She further conducted executive training for organizations as - among others - the United Nations, the Chamber of Judges and Attorneys of Ticino, the United Bank of Switzerland, or the St.Gallen Cantonal Bank.


Please follow this link to view Jeanne's full list of publications


Selected Publications

Mengis, J. & Eppler M.J. (2008) Understanding and managing conversations from a knowledge perspective: An analysis of the roles and rules of face-to-face conversations in organizations, Organization Studies, 29(10): 1287-1313

Mengis, J., Eppler M. (2007). Seeing versus arguing. The moderating role of collaborative visualization in team knowledge integration, Journal of Universal Knowledge Management, 1/2007

Mengis, J., Eppler M. (2006). Cultural differences of professional groups and their impact on communication processes. The case of domain experts and decision makers. Medienwissenschaft Schweiz, 1+2/2006: 52-59

Eppler, M. J. & Mengis, J. (2005) Knowledge dialogues: a conversation approach to knowledge management (Wissensdialoge: Ein gesprächsbasierter Ansatz des Wissensmanagements), OrganisationsEntwicklung. Zeitschrift für Unternehmensentwicklung und Change Management, 4/2005: 15-23

Eppler, M.J. & Mengis, J. (2005). The role of conversations in organizations: approaches to a management of dialogues from a knowledge perspective (Die Rolle von Gesprächen in Organisationen: Ansätze zu einem Dialog-Management aus der Wissensperspektive), Medienwissenschaft, 1+2/2005: 34-39

Eppler, M.J. & Mengis, J. (2004) The concept of information overload: A review of literature from organization science, accounting, marketing, MIS, and related disciplines, The Information Society. An International Journal, 20(5):325-244


Jeanne Mengis 
T: +44 (0)24 7615 0909
F: +44 (0)24 7615 0498
Jeanne's CV as well as the full list of her publications can be found here.(PDF Document)