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Sue Newell

Sue Newell is a Trustee Professor in the Department of Management at Bentley University and is Professor of Information Systems in the Information Systems and Management Group at Warwick Business School. She is also a Professor in the School of Management at Royal Holloway, University of London. Sue graduated in psychology from University College Cardiff, where she remained to complete her PhD on the psychological impact of unemployment. After working briefly in the Inland Revenue, Sue took up her first academic post at what is now Portsmouth University. After two years she moved to Aston University. She has also worked at Birmingham University, Warwick University and Nottingham Trent University. While at Warwick University she was one of the founding members of IKON, and continues to focus on research that explores innovation processes using knowledge and organizational networking perspectives. She has been involved in many of the IKON projects and most recently worked on 'The evolution of biomedical knowledge: interactive innovation in the UK and US' project, managing the research effort in the US. 


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Selected Recent Research Output

Bresnen, M., Edelman, L., Newell, S., Scarbrough, H., Swan, J. (2005) 'Exploring social capital in the construction firm', Building Research & Information 33(3), 235-244
Scarbrough, H., Swan, J., Laurent, S., Bresnen, M., Edelman, L., Newell, S. (2004) 'Project-based learning and the role of learning boundaries', Organization Studies, 25(9), 1579-1600
Scarbrough, H., Bresnen, M., Edelman, L. F., Laurent, S., Newell, S., Swan, J. (2004) 'The Processes of Project-based Learning: An exploratory study'. Management Learning, 35(4), 491-506  
Newell, S., Edelman, L., Scarbrough, H., Swan, J. and Bresnen, M. (2003). ''Best practice' development and transfer in the NHS: the importance of process as well as product knowledge'. Journal of Health Services Management, 16, 1-12.
Newell, S. and Huang, J. (2003). 'Knowledge integration and dynamics within the context of cross-functional projects'. International Journal of Project Management, 21, 167-176.
Newell, S., Swan, J. and Scarbrough, H. (2001). 'From global knowledge management to internal electronic fences: Contradictory outcomes of intranet development'. British Journal of Management, 12, 2, 97-112.
Newell, S., Swan, J. and Kautz, K. (2001). 'The Role of Funding Bodies in the Creation and Diffusion of Management Fads and Fashions'. Organization, 8, 1, 97-120.
Newell, S. & Swan, J. (2000). 'Trust and inter-organizational networking'. Human Relations, 53, 10, 1287-1328.
Newell, S, Swan, J. & Galliers, R. (2000). 'A knowledge-focused perspective on the diffusion and adoption of complex information technologies: The BPR example'. Information Systems Journal, 10, 239-259. 

Sue Newell

Sue Newell
Trustee Professor
Department of Management
Bentley University
175 Forest Street
Waltham MA 02452
T: 001 781 891 2399
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