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Job Market Candidates 2022/23

Shema Mitali

Fields: Behavioral Finance, Sustainable Finance/ESG investment/Climate Finance, Financial Networks, Information Economics
Supervisors: Dr. Constantinos Antoniou and Dr. Daniele Bianchi


Job Market Paper: "How Do Mutual Fund Investors React to Text-Based Uncertainty?"Link opens in a new window 

Website: Visit website

Yujing Gong

Fields: Empirical Asset Pricing, Derivatives, Commodity and FX Market, Tail Risk, Climate Finance

Supervisors: Dr. Gi H. Kim and Dr. Arie E. Gozluklu


Job Market Paper: Spreading Pressure and the Commodity Futures Risk Premium

Website: Visit website

Xu Li

Fields: Debt Structure, Capital Structure, Institutional Investors, Liquidity Risk, Credit Market, Xu Li Empirical Asset Pricing

Supervisors: Dr. Gi H. Kim and Dr. Sarah Qian Wang


Job Market Paper: Cross-Ownership and Corporate Debt Structure