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Jacky Swan

Phone: +44 (0)24 7652 4271


Room: 2.138

Profile (biography)

Jacky’s research interests are in linking innovation and networking to processes of creating, sharing and managing knowledge in complex organizational contexts, such as healthcare organizations and biomedical firms. She is Co-Founder of the Innovation Knowledge and Organizational Networks (IKON) Research Centre. IKON develops the social science of innovation through theoretically driven empirical studies of the creation, translation and use of knowledge and innovation - see Jacky is an experienced research leader, having been Principal Investigator on several major funded research projects (funders including ESRC, EPSRC, NIHR). Her most recent projects have focussed on improving evidence-based decision-making in health and social care. She helped launched the Knowledge and Innovation Network ( - a network that connects practitioners, researchers and experts, which is aimed at helping members to improve their business practices.


Journal Articles

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Journal Item

  • Jacky Swan (2006) "Commentary on Wanda Orlikowski's 'Material knowing: the scaffolding of human knowledgeability'", EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 15, 5, 467-469

Book Items

  • Kravcenko, D. and Swan, J. (2016) "Talking through objects : the socio-political dynamics embodied in boundary objects in architectural work", Oxford University Press, Oxford
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  • Report
  • Swan, J., Clarke, A., Nicolini, D., Powell, J., Scarbrough, H., Roginski, C., Gkeredakis, E., Mills, P. and Taylor-Phillips, S. (2012) "Evidence in Management Decisions (EMD) : advancing knowledge utilization in healthcare management : final report"


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