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About the scholarship

The Friends of the University of Warwick in Singapore scholarships

The Friends of the University of Warwick in Singapore scholarships are valued at up to $65,000 SGD per annum and cover fees and stipend. Funded by generous alumni and friends, they will be offered to up to two students every year who meet the specified criteria.

Applications for the scholarship are open for entry in 2019/20. Please click here to find out more.

Meet the Trustees

As a Warwick alumnus and trustee of the Friends of the University of Warwick in Singapore, I am delighted that the first two scholars are now starting their studies at Warwick.

Singapore and the University of Warwick share a long history, with the first Singaporean student arriving on campus in 1968. Warwick's growth over the years since then has paralleled Singapore’s in many ways sharing the values of excellence, ambition, diversity and inclusivity. It has contributed to the shaping of several generations of the Republic’s brightest minds.

Warwick is internationally renowned for the quality of its research excellence, meaning that students are taught by those creating knowledge. It is ranked 8th overall in the UK. Warwick selects students who are ambitious, passionate about learning, proactive and take advantage of the many opportunities available to them, academically and socially. Currently over 280 Singaporeans studying at Warwick are part of this vibrant international community representing more than 170 countries.

Launched in the 50th anniversaries of both Warwick and Singapore, this scholarship programme combines the shared vision goal of excellence in education for outstanding students.

My fellow trustees and I are actively engaged in developing this valuable programme further.

Gautam Banerjee Hon LLD (Warwick)
BSc Accounting and Financial Analysis, 1974-1977
Friends of the University of Warwick in Singapore Trust

Meet the Singapore Scholars

I’m proud to say that I have recently graduated from University of Warwick with a first-class degree in Politics and Sociology.

Throughout the past 3 years, I’m grateful to have been involved in a wide array of activities. From being the Diversity and Outreach officer of a theatre society, I’ve also been involved in the Warwick ASEAN Conference, an entirely student-run academic conference.

In the past year, I’ve been granted the opportunity to delve into more specialised areas of my course. Being a joint honours course, the interdisciplinary nature of my degree has given me a wide array of analytical skills to view issues in a more holistic view.

The scholarship has transformed my life by allowing me to study at a world-class institution with professors, whose teachings have shaped my perspectives. I’ve built friendships with people all over the globe, whose different experiences have broadened the way I see the world. I am now part of an international community of alumni and a vibrant academic environment.

I would like to thank everyone that has made my dream a reality, I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Iffah Adawiyah
BA Politics and Sociology, 2016-2019