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Scholarships at Warwick


Please join us in welcoming our new scholars

21 new scholars have joined Warwick thanks to Benefactor's Scholarships

A celebratory reception on 28th October 2015 welcomed 21 new undergraduates, and returning second and third years, to life at Warwick.

Attendees included Professor Christina Hughes, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) and Paul Blagburn, Senior Assistant Registrar (Outreach) as well as scholarship donors and supporters.

Your donations to scholarships at Warwick are now in work welcoming people like Adrian, Ellie and Edward:

As the first person in my immediate family to not only attend university but also complete sixth form education starting university was quite daunting as it was new to both myself and my family but I have settled in well.

The support of a scholarship will help me with additional course related costs and to engage with extra-curricular activities related to my subject. In continuation from my teaching assistant role in sixth form I want to continue working with secondary school aged students from backgrounds similar to mine.

I have already signed up to volunteer once a week in a secondary school with low participation rates to higher education and I also plan to be a student ambassador at outreach activities hosted by the university.

Adrian Richards
Sociology (First Year Benefactors’ scholar)

I feel so privileged to have all the opportunities that are open to me as I never thought that there would be so much support for students, like myself, who would otherwise struggle.

Your kind donation will mean that I can focus on my studies without panicking about finances, but also means that I can be more involved in things on campus. I will now have the option to take part in society activities and just immerse myself in university life. I will also be able to afford to buy extra books to do some wider reading and expand my knowledge of a subject which I am so passionate about. Thank you!

Ellie Stepaniuk
Chemistry (First Year Benefactors’ scholar)

“Thanks to my scholarship I have been able to join sports clubs and societies. For example, I participated in a brilliant first tennis session of the term where I met many new students. This gave me a great opportunity to have a break from my studies and stimulate the brain in other activities!

Physics is a subject I have long had a great interest in and it feels wonderful to finally be a part of the physics community: to be taught by people pushing the boundaries of modern science. Walking around campus every day I feel privileged to be part of a contemporary and high-achieving university. I am consistently surprised by the friendliness around the university. Warwick is a vibrant place, living and breathing positivity.

All in all, thank you for the generous support you have given me. I am extremely grateful and I look forward to making the most of the adventure waiting to begin.”

Edward Griffin
Physics (First Year Benefactors’ scholar)

Thank you for your support.
Please can you donate again to offer more students the chance at a Warwick education, and all the opportunities it offers?