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Warwick in Africa


Thank you for helping us through our tenth summer of teaching!

Our Volunteer Teachers are now all safely home from Africa, but the legacy they have left behind will be there for a long time to come.

Thanks to our generous donors we were able to send 80 talented Volunteer Teachers to Tanzania, Ghana and South Africa this summer. Together they had a huge impact on maths and English knowledge of learners and teachers in our partner schools and their presence and unique approach helped to inspire countless learners to work towards a better future.

This summer was the 10th year of our Warwick in Africa project and we have had an even bigger impact than before. The total number of learners taught by our Volunteer Teachers was over 17,000 (nearly double last year) and their average test results improved this year by a staggering 57%. We also welcomed nearly 500 African teachers to our Master Classes to learn about new teaching techniques.

wiaapply.jpgIt’s clear to see from just these three numbers that Warwick in Africa is having a significant impact in classrooms across Africa and on the lives of all those involved.

We ask everyone involved for feedback on the programme and we’ve put just a few snippets from this below to give you some personal reflections on the difference Warwick in Africa has made this summer.

The Warwick in Africa teachers have provided us with more than just a few extra pairs of hands. The learners respond to and interact with these teachers in ways that we rarely see, bringing the children of our school a refreshed sense of purpose and inspiration. This results in the students appreciating the value of the education they're receiving, sowing seeds that will hopefully endure long after the volunteers have gone. The teachers also bring professionalism and punctuality. Overall, they set positive examples for both students and teachers alike. The only problem that I see: they need to be here for more time.

David Makwela
Teacher from KwaBhekilanga School, Alexandra, South Africa

At its core, Warwick in Africa is about a group of young people wanting to use the skills they have to help another group of young people; and in this it's able to overcome race, language and distance, and for both groups to end up learning a lot.

Joe Seiboth
Volunteer Teacher, Limpopo, South Africa

I was teaching roughly 100 students in my Mathematics class and was worried that I was not engaging any of them. However by the end of 6 weeks many of the students were achieving grades over 80% having originally achieved less than 20% overall. I realised I was getting through to these students and that I had managed to teach a class of 100 students a very challenging topic.

Oliver Crook
Volunteer Teacher, Mtwara, Tanzania

I think that the Warwick in Africa teacher is brilliant, hardworking and patient because whenever she is teaching and we don't understand, even one person, she will continue explaining it over and over again.

Learner from Kwanyako School, Agona East, Ghana

After teaching an algebra lesson, my student said: ‘Miss, please don't ever leave, I've had such a great day! Can I have some homework? I need more!’.

Hollie Colin
Volunteer Teacher, Soweto, South Africa

All of this simply would not be possible without our generous supporters so please do consider if you could help to send more Volunteer Teachers to Africa next summer.

It costs less than £10 to teach one child for a month. Please donate and change a life today.