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Hardship Fund

Thank you for supporting students at their greatest moments of need

There's no other way to put it: your support is invaluable...

Thank you from the Senior Tutor of the Hardship Fund

Stephen Lamb“I can’t give you the names of everyone you have been able to support with the Senior Tutor’s Hardship Fund - but I can tell you that every single person has been fully deserving and in genuine need.

The fund exists to offer emergency support to students facing unexpected additional demands on their budget or the sudden unexpected loss of a source of financial support they thought was secure.

We keep our support discreet and quiet, but it’s very much appreciated – I’ve had many students tell me that a grant or loan from the Hardship Fund has made a significant difference by enabling them to achieve that qualification that changes their lives.

One got in touch recently to say that without the support, she and her family would have been in a very difficult situation right now, and that she’s grateful for their sake as well as her own.

To everyone who donates to the Hardship Fund – many thanks indeed, and please, please keep donating. It really does make a difference.

"It really does make a difference."

Stephen Lamb
University Senior Tutor

Thank you from Warwick Medical School

Students at Warwick Medical School

We truly value the opportunity to call on these emergency funds, and we thank everyone who makes this help possible. Your gifts don’t just support students at Warwick Medical School at their moment of need; they also offer motivation to keep going through some very difficult circumstances.

On behalf of everyone here, thank you very much.”

Wendy Coy
Chief Administrative Officer
Warwick Medical School


Thank you from Warwick Business School

Thanks to funding from generous alumnus Ian Peters (MBA 1998), eleven students have now been helped through the Warwick Business School Disability Support Awards.

Peter is the Managing Director of Residential Energy & Chief Operating Officer at British Gas and says, “Ability and effort should be what counts to be successful, not anything else. I am passionate about helping remove barriers for students with a disability.”

His gift has helped students to meet costs of studying and living at University, funding IT equipment and technology, textbooks, crutches and recording equipment.

Lecture theatre at the University of Warwick

One student's message to the donor

“What would I say to the donor of the disability award? First and foremost, thank you!

Your generosity towards scholars with disabilities demonstrates an important aspect of the Warwick community. Your dedication to helping others and your faith in me has inspired me to become a role model for other newcomers in Coventry.

As a former child labourer and refugee from Southeast Asia, I have had first-hand experience of oppression. I was in a position where I could not express my views, and I could not seek help.

Hence, as a certified interpreter and translator, I decided to work pro bono in interpretation work within the West Midlands area – for example, with healthcare and social services for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking between the UK and the Netherlands.

I now aspire to be a well-rounded scholar who will one day be able to advocate for fair employment-management relations in less developed countries.

Thank you again! You can be assured that I will not disappoint you.”

"I have had first-hand experience of oppression ... and want to advocate for fair employment-management relations in less developed countries."

PhD Student


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