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Breaking the cycle of poverty through education

It'sMSP been a great year so far at Warwick, where we have welcomed 14 new scholars in the Benefactors’ scholarship programme and 18 new scholars in the Multicultural Scholars’ Programme (MSP) across Law and Business.

Giving back to the community

Thanks to donors like you, scholarship programmes at Warwick are expanding more than ever. Next year there will be an entirely new MSP cohort starting in the School of Engineering as well, and in 2016 we will receive the first applications for a new Friends of the University of Warwick Singapore scholarship too.

We are also able to welcome scholars from an increasing number of backgrounds to the University. For exampleone of our new MSP Law Scholars was born in Sierra Leone, where he helped to establish the Children's Forum Network (CFN) aged 14. He was later elected President of the group, and has since been commended for his service to humanity in the Commonwealth by the Queen. He has been tireless in his efforts to engage audiences in children’s rights and charitable work and says:

The MSP was a key reason why I chose Warwick. Not just to benefit but to also contribute in mainstreaming promising young people from minority backgrounds to succeed in our chosen profession, amid the limited opportunities.

Our scholars increasingly take the initiative and opportunity to give back to their peers and community through outreach programmes, ambassadorial roles and mentoring, and more, all while continuing to develop their own skills and confidence.

Another scholar is a Student Ambassador and Student Mentor, who regularly inspires other young students in the community through her work as President of the Warwick Inspire Society. Her role is to help support students from less advantaged backgrounds, focusing on their academic, social and professional development. She says,

I have been involved with lots of extra-curricular activities and got stuck into as much as I could. The scholarship you have funded has allowed me to do this – thank you. I am a part of Warwick Volunteers and volunteer for one afternoon a week at a local primary school. I am also a part of the Warwick Inspire and Teach First society which I enjoy being involved with because of my own background.

Why is a Warwick scholarship so special?

The scholarship programmes at Warwick are defined by their holistic approach, supporting students financially and also offering them the opportunity for cultural and professional experience.

Earlier in the term the Benefactors’ scholars spent an evening at Warwick Arts Centre for the production of Carmen by Opera Warwick. The scholars were transported to the streets of modern Seville in the "must see" production that brought together local performers of all ages and backgrounds, and saw Warwick alumna Lorna Jones return to the stage as a leading lady. One second-year student had this to say about the production:

“I have really enjoyed the last couple of events at the Arts Centre, especially Carmen. It's not something which I would normally go to see, but it was a good night and was much different to what I had expected. I wasn't expecting there to be so much of a story behind the opera, so that was a nice surprise.”

Meanwhile, MSP Law students took a trip to London to visit international Law firm Clifford Chance, a member of the Magic Circle of leading law firms and one of the ten largest law firms in the world.

You can see a photo of the group above, and we are extremely grateful to Clifford Chance for hosting the day. It offered an exciting opportunity to gain an insight into the professional skills required for the legal profession, and to see the opportunities offered by prestigious legal firms.

What if everyone, from whatever walk of life, could achieve their academic and professional ambitions? What if you could share in someone’s journey to better themselves, or help break the cycle of poverty through education? What if you helped discover the academic that cures cancer?

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