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Scholarship Event

WBS London, The Shard

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Our annual networking event takes place in The Shard and brings together scholars, donors and other senior members of the alumni community. The event will be hosted by Professor Chris Hughes, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) and provides an opportunity for you to meet students who receive support from our alumni and friends to study at Warwick as well as other like-minded supporters.

Around 50 scholars will be in attendance, all of whom have unique stories to tell and successes to share with you. The event provides a fantastic opportunity for them to hone their networking skills and build their professional networks, which is a key component of Warwick’s scholarship programmes

Professor Hughes has also recently launched a new education strategy for the University. A key component of that strategy is to ensure that Warwick reaffirms its commitment to helping students from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds. He would very much like to share this with you and hear what else you think the University should be doing to tackle the issue of social mobility.

If you would like to attend, please register below or contact the Events Team at or on 024 7615 1872. Booking is essential as only those registered for the event will be able to gain access to the Shard.

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