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Annual Report 2015

Thank you


“We hope you enjoy our latest newsletter for alumni, friends and donors, helping you to stay connected and up-to-date with the charitable projects made possible with your support.

I’m often asked why we need to fundraise at Warwick when we already have major industry partners and a track record of success.

The reason is that supporters like you help us to go above and beyond in nurturing exceptional students and academics.

I myself have been amazed to read about the 120 students helped with scholarships this year; the 22,000 children inspired with art and science outreach projects, and the 250,000 young Africans who have enjoyed Maths and English lessons from our volunteer teachers in the past 10 years.

Beyond this, our novel medical research into chemotherapy, prostate cancer, miscarriage and more is changing the face of healthcare in the NHS and beyond; whilst our research into crop production will help food security for years to come - and it’s all thanks to donors like you.

I’m honoured to be writing this introduction to people who have done so much to improve access to education and to improve healthcare, and I hope this gives you a great overview of what you’ve helped at Warwick.

To learn more about our projects and get involved, please get in touch.

Meanwhile, thank you again for your support.”

Professor Stuart Croft
University of Warwick

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