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Thanks for supporting Warwick in Africa

250,000 young Africans are benefiting from Warwick in Africa so far.

DWIAid you know? It's our tenth year of teaching maths and English to learners across Africa? Thanks to your support, over 60 student volunteers will teach across Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa this summer.

We often tell you about the difference it makes to learners, but it’s also a life-changing time for these students too. Two Warwick in Africa alumni explained why:

“After seeing how appreciative the learners were and the differences you can make to someone’s life I knew teaching was for me. Inspiring students and opening their minds to the wider world is one of the key things I try and integrate into my everyday practice.” (Wa Sonsin, 2011 Soweto, 2012 & 2014 Limpopo, 2013 Mtwara)

“I genuinely believe that I gained more from the experience than I managed to give! One of the more humbling parts of the trip was a card that I received on the last day from a student that simply read, ‘We don’t need money, gold, diamonds or pity. All we need is the education that you have provided us with.’ To this day I still have that quote above the door in my classroom.” (Kevin Randall (2011 Soweto)

Without your gifts, none of this could happen - thank you for your support.

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Our vision: What if Warwick in Africa was in every
school across Africa - helping learners escape poverty through improved maths
and English education