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Thank you for supporting Scholarships at Warwick

New opportunities

I couldn’t have gone to University without the scholarship that I received.

I come from a single parent background and it did everything for me: it gave me the freedom to study, to visit home and afford wholesome food! As a maths graduate I struggle to put my gratitude into words - but thank you.

David Dinh BSc Mathematics
Class of 2013

Impact on families

rebecca_mcalees.ashx.jpgWithout my scholarship, I wouldn't have been able to afford to go to university. I often think about what my life would have been like if I hadn't gone to Warwick and I can't thank those donors who supported me enough. They are contributing to far more than the cost of someone’s degree. My job, where I live, my friends, my partner, and even my personality and values are shaped by the fact I went to Warwick.

I am now able to financially support my family. I also donate to the scholarship programme, because I want to play my part in helping others start their journey at Warwick.

Rebecca McAlees
LLB Law, Class of 2003

Changing perspectives

marlie.jpg“I feel incredibly lucky to receive such a prestigious scholarship from the University; it inspires me to make the most of my time here and take full advantage of everything Warwick has to offer. It will be a great help to me, as the financial implications of studying at University can be rather daunting. Being a scholarship recipient has made a huge difference to my first year at Warwick, and knowing that I have the support of a donor has given me extra motivation to do the best that I can and make the most of all opportunities available to me. I look forward to achieving the goals I have set for myself, and I am excited to see what new experiences my second year will bring.”

Marlie Cummings
Benefactor’s scholar

"A friend, an opportunity, and a family"

As well as providing financial security, another great aspect about the MSP programme is the support networking. You are overwhelmed with a wealth of invaluable opportunities to interact with top city firms and always have a chance to meet and greet on a bespoke level.

The cliché, ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ springs to mind, and the MSP programme is considerable step towards creating a level playing field. Prior to attending university, a magic circle firm was merely a dream ... now, with the help of the MSP, it is an achievable goal. In addition, the harmony amongst all members cannot be denied. There is a family feel, with peers providing guidance and advice where necessary, no matter how big or small the query.

MSP - a friend, an opportunity and a family.

Anonymous student
Law and Business

"Thank you to the alumnus who helped me"

Thanks to the MSP programme I spent a week at a solicitors firm in London for work experience. To be honest, I had begun to doubt my own abilities, and I wasn’t expecting to enjoy property law - but this week surprised me and helped me massively grow in confidence. I greatly enjoyed my time reading various documents, attending client conferences and visiting court; the barristers helped with any questions I had too.

I’m fully aware that establishing a career at the bar is not going to be easy – but now I’m more willing than ever to work extremely hard and persevere with the rigorous procedure. Thank you to the alumnus who helped make this possible!

Law Student

"I'm the first to attend university in my family"

I am the first to attend university in my family and many of my peers and friends did not progress onto higher education. I am truly grateful for this scholarship and I would like to thank my donor for giving me this opportunity.

I have greatly enjoyed much of my time in lectures and particularly seminars. Engaging in group discussions and being able to learn from my teachers, as well as peers, has been very rewarding.

Benefactors’ Scholar 1st year undergraduate studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics

"It's educationally stimulating"

Studying at Warwick and in particular studying Law has increased my awareness of the world. We are encouraged to question and have inquisitive minds. It is educationally stimulating to be in an environment where you not only have to understand the law and be able to apply it but to decide if you think it is working.

Benefactors’ Scholar 2nd year undergraduate studying Law

"It's helped me take up extra-curricular activities"
One of the best things about Warwick University is the emphasis that is put on extracurricular activities, while maintaining its high academic standards. This year alone, I have qualified as a First Aider with St John ambulance and volunteered with Anthony Nolan (through Warwick Marrow, for which I was awarded Volunteer of the Year at the AGM). I have also been a part of Buddy Club (where we visit the residents of a care home on a weekly basis) and I’m an official STEM Ambassador (which involves going into schools and teaching young children; in the hope of inspiring them to go into STEM subjects). I also completed a week of work experience at a hospital in Watford, for which the money from the scholarship was very much needed.

1st year undergraduate studying Biomedical Science
Why I enjoy fundraising for scholarships at Warwick

I have met scholars who have lost parents at a very young age. People who have had to help look after their younger siblings growing up. One of our scholars is partially sighted, but has overcome every challenge and obstacle in their path to excel in their degree. These are young people who are resilient beyond measure; and the majority of these scholars are adamant that they wouldn’t have been able to attend university without the support their scholarship provided.

Scholarships change lives, and I am proud to be a part of an institution that has such a committed community of donors, who prioritise fair access and equal opportunity. Scholarships do something unique; they facilitate a social change that begins at Warwick but extends far beyond our campus.

I am so fortunate to fundraise for such a special, life changing, educational initiative and I would like to say a huge thank you to our donors for their commitment to our cause.

Sara Akkad
Development Executive