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Warwick in Africa Community

Join the Warwick in Africa Community

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The Warwick in Africa Community is a new Microsoft Teams space where members can learn more about the work of the programme and related issues, socialise with like-minded people, contribute ideas and help shape the programme, attend a variety of events, and take part in a variety of UK-based and international volunteering opportunities.

Warwick in Africa is a multifaceted programme consisting of three core elements: a Student Volunteering programme, a Lead Teacher Support programme and a Teacher Support programme - the main subject focus being Mathematics and English.

Join our online community with one click of the button below if you have a Warwick email address, or request to join by submitting the Expression of Interest form.


Who can join?

The WIA Community will be based on the core value of inclusivity: anyone is welcome to join in and participate, from wherever they are, all year round.

If you are a Warwick student, member of staff, or alumnus; or a Warwick in Africa supporter or African-based colleague, this online community may be of interest to you.

What can I expect as a member?

As well as providing opportunities for community members to interact socially, they will also be able to participate in events and activities focused around the themes of international development, fundraising, capacity building for sustainability, education in resource-challenged environments, or the broader theme of ‘Africa’; where appropriate these will be delivered in collaboration with relevant partners, such as the Global Connections Community or the Africa Summit.

Voluntary opportunities for students will include the usual summer teaching placements and ambassador roles, in addition to provision devised to support the development of a broad range of skills; fundraising activities, research projects, event management, programme evaluation, and participation in discussions and focus groups.

Provide feedback or submit new ideas on the Warwick in Africa Community via feedback form.

Upcoming events

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Introduction to the Warwick in Africa Programme


Voluntary opportunities for current students

Opportunity How to apply
Summer Student Research Projects (no previous knowledge or experience required) Email for more information