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Warwick in Africa Impact

What do my donations do?

Through Warwick in Africa, everyone benefits and the results can be outstanding. Thanks to your generous support, in 2019:

12,888 learners were taught

722 teachers were trained

27 African teachers attended the Annual Teacher Conference

23 schools hosted Warwick volunteers

6 new lead teachers joined the Warwick Study Programme

What will my donation fund?

  • £40 would cover the transport costs for five teachers to be able to attend our Teacher Workshops in Agona East, Ghana. For 30% of teachers attending the workshops, this will be the only training they receive all year.
  • £700 could cover all teaching resources across the schools and teacher workshops in South Africa, providing the essential equipment tailored for the needs of more than 1,200 teachers and learners.
  • £3,722 could cover the costs for one Warwick volunteer to deliver 6 weeks of high-quality education to 250 in Tanzania.

WiaAnnual Report 2020

Your generosity has made an enormous impact and we hope as you read this report, you will be inspired to help us achieve greater ambitions for the programme as we head towards our 15th anniversary.

Thank you once again for your support.


Where does my money go?


Student Volunteering Programme
Includes training, resources, and travel costs for our student volunteers.

Teacher Support Programme
Including the Warwick Study Programme, our in-country Teacher workshops and the Lead Teacher Conference.

It's vitally important we know the impact our programmes are making, so we invest in fully evaluating the programme to enable us to plan for the future.

A very small portion of donated funds will cover the important work done by our administrator to prepare and support our volunteers on their placements.

Donations are not spent on fundraising costs, staff travel or programme management. The University of Warwick covers all these costs, so your donation goes directly to making our programmes happen.   

The Emirates Airline Foundation

We are proud to have partnered with The Emirates Airline Foundation since 2018. The Foundation has generously gifted flights for our student volunteers and teachers from Tanzania and South Africa. Over the years, The Emirates Airline Foundation has been helping Warwick student volunteers fly out to Africa equipped with refreshing lesson plans and vital resources. As well as helping transform how Maths and English are taught, the students have come back to Warwick with a brand new perspective and treasured memories.

Donated flights have also been used for nominated teachers to fly to Warwick for an intensive study programme, and return home with fresh ideas and a renewed sense of purpose. Without The Emirates Airline Foundation, Warwick students would not have been able to take part in this life-changing experience and help transform classrooms across the continent.

"The Emirates Airline Foundation remains committed to bringing support to projects around the world which make a lasting impact in the lives of children in need. In 2018, we met the wonderful team from Warwick in Africa and started our journey together. We recognised the value of this highly sustainable concept and helped Warwick in Africa to expand its reach into many impoverished areas. We hope that our valuable partnership will continue for many more years." - Jonathan Bender, Secretary General of the Emirates Airline Foundation



If you would like to make a larger donation, please contact the Development Team at Thank you.

What our donors say...

"I was initially attracted to supporting Warwick in Africa as it promised to provide the spark that could ignite a young learners enthusiasm for mathematics and so benefit them and their community.

I have continued to support Warwick in Africa as it remains strongly aligned with my view that education, and particularly in maths, is critical to the future success of young people and of society at large.

I feel I am getting triple value for my donation as Warwick in Africa is benefitting learners, teachers and in no small way, the student volunteers." - Warwick in Africa Donor