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Accelerator Fund Recipients

March 2018 Round

Project Title

Monash University

Principal Investigator

University of Warwick

Principal Investigator

Developing efficient mechanisms for energy storage to create a greener future Dr Jie Zhang Professor Patrick Unwin
Improving the efficacy and efficiency of cancer drug treatments Professor Colin Pouton Professor Sebastien Perrier
Social networks among people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) Professor Jakob Hohwy Dr Lukasz Walasek

Alliance Joint PhD Scholarships

The Monash Warwick Alliance Joint PhD is part of our commitment to developing a successor generation of internationally experienced young researchers. It is aimed at supporting academic collaborations and can be created by joint-research teams in eligible disciplines to gain an outstanding, highly mobile PhD candidate who can bring additional capacity to support research collaboration.

Scholarship applications for students starting in Autumn 2020 are now closed. Please visit the Doctoral College website for further information.