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Prof Sebastien Perrier

Sebastien Perrier

Prof. Sébastien Perrier

Monash-Warwick Chair in Polymer Chemistry

Dipl Ing (ENSC Montpellier), MSc (Montpellier), PhD (Warwick), CChem, FRSC, FRACI



Research Summary

Our research focuses on the synthesis of macromolecules with highly controlled and pre-determinable structures using modern polymer and organic synthetic methods. We exploit supramolecular interactions to organise these molecules into nanostructured materials, for applications in nanomedicine (e.g. drug delivery, vaccines, antimicrobial materials - our materials are tested in house and in our group at the Monash Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) in Melbourne, Australia), nanotechnology (e.g. components for optoelectronic applications), materials science (e.g. rheology modifiers) or chemistry (catalysis, processes, etc.).

Research projects in the group cover:

i/ fundamental understanding of polymerization mechanisms,

ii/ development of synthetic strategies to make functional polymeric architectures,

iii/ self-assembly via supramolecular interaction, and

iv/ engineering of nanostructured materials.

Selected Publications

Cobo, I.; Li, M.; Sumerlin, B. S.; Perrier, S. Smart hybrid materials by conjugation of responsive polymers to biomacromolecules, Nature Mat. 2015, 14 (2), 143-159

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Gody, G.; Maschmeyer, T.; Zetterlund, P.B.; Perrier, S. Pushing the Limit of the RAFT Process: Multiblock Copolymers by One-Pot Rapid Multiple Chain Extensions at Full Monomer Conversion, Macromolecules 2014, 47(10), 3451-3460

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