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Expert Comment

Dr Jonathan Clarke from Global Sustainable Development comments on efforts to prevent and respond to flooding

Substantial flooding in parts of the UK has led to people being evacuated from homes and disruption to travel. Dr Jonathan Clarke from the Global Sustainable Development programme argues that the benefits of preparing for floods have been evident for a while, but uncertainty as to where responsibility lies hinders progress.

Thu 14 Nov 2019, 12:11 | Tags: Research, global sustainable development

James Dean posthumously cast in new movie - expert comment

Debra Bassett from the University of Warwick discusses the "digital resurrection" of the movie icon and asks - "should the dead stay dead?"

Brazil's Supreme Court makes decision that could free Lula - expert comment

Brazil's Supreme Court has overturned a 2016 decision that defendants who failed a first appeal could be imprisoned. Dr George Meszaros from Warwick Law School comments on the ruling, which could see former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva released.

Professor Jan Palmowski comments on thirty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

With the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall closing, Professor Jan Palmowski from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures reflects on the hopes of the 1989 revolutionaries that face very different challenges in today's world.

Thu 07 Nov 2019, 11:46 | Tags: Research, School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Twitter ‘insider attack’ highlights need to protect users’ private information - comment from Professor Mark Skilton

As two former Twitter employees face allegations of spying for Saudi Arabia, Professor Mark Skilton from Warwick Business School argues that the greater use of social media platforms by governments for political purposes highlights the need for stronger legislation to protect users’ private information.

Thu 07 Nov 2019, 10:07 | Tags: WBS, Research, Social Media, Warwick Business School

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