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Queen's Speech - Lifetime Skills Guarantee

"It is important that people possess skills which are relevant to the labour market. Equally, it is important that people have access to training which will keep their skills up to date. The government clearly recognises these two points with its Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Lifelong Loan Entitlement announced today." Professor Terence Hogarth from the Warwick Institute for Employment Research comments on proposed adult education reforms.

Expert comment, unemployment rises in over-50s

"Having older workers back in jobs is vital both for their sake and the sake of the public purse. Actions are needed on the demand and supply side of the labour market." Professor Chris Warhurst, Director of the Warwick Institute for Employment Research, comments on analysis from the Resolution Foundation revealing a U-shaped crisis with unemployment rising faster for younger and older workers

Chancellor makes the case for the office - expert comment

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak MP has urged firms not to give up on the office, highlighting the challenges for those new in role of getting to know their peers, picking up the culture of an organisation, or finding mentors if they are working exclusively from home. Dr Erika Kispeter, Senior Research Fellow, Warwick Institute for Employment Research, outlines what research has found on these issues.

Deliveroo flotation 'jitters' - Professor Chris Warhurst comments

With takeaway delivery company Deliveroo due to list on the stock exchange, there have been reports that some investors are not intending to buy Deliveroo shares due to concerns over workers' rights. Professor Chris Warhurst of the Warwick Institute for Employment Research comments.

Thu 25 Mar 2021, 15:23 | Tags: Research, Institute for Employment Research

Furlough extension: "we are not out of the woods yet" says Prof Hogarth

It is announced today in the Budget that the furlough scheme in the UK will be extended to September. Professor Terence Hogarth from the Warwick Institute for Employment Research, comments.

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