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Expert Comment

Costs and consequences of data breaches - expert comment

"Market penalty depends a great deal on the type of breach, the sensitivity of the information, the number of records lost, the extent to which the firm ‘holds itself out’ as a safe guardian of data and the delay between breach and disclosure." Dr Jonathan Cave comments on the consequences that can flow from large data breaches such as the recent Virgin Media incident.

The economic impact of Coronavirus - Professor Roger Farmer

"To the extent that the market reflects fundamentals, a fall in values caused by expected future supply disruptions is to be expected and is not necessarily a bad thing. But there is a real danger that Coronavirus will spread not only though biological contagion, but through financial contagion." Professor Roger Farmer explores the potential economic impact of COVID-19.

The UK and the EU negotiate their future relationship - expert comment

The post Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU on their future relationship, and in particular on a Free Trade Agreement, will be a complex set of negotiations over multiple issues, with multiple factors at play. Expert comment from Professor Abhinay Muthoo.

Mon 02 Mar 2020, 17:09 | Tags: Economics, Brexit, Expert comment, Europe, trade

Report reveals decline in bus use in England - expert comment

Professor Mike Waterson comments on today's report from the Independent Transport Commission exploring the changing shape of the bus market in England.

Will Twitter's ban on political advertising have any impact? Expert comment

Dr Michela Redoano, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick, comments on Twitter's ban on political advertising.

Fri 22 Nov 2019, 15:28 | Tags: Economics, Expert comment, Faculty of Social Science

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