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"the Hesse state elections mark a decisive shift in German politics" - Expert Comment

Professor Jan Palmowski reflects on the implications for German politics of the poor results for the CDU party and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in the Hesse state election this weekend.

Mon 29 Oct 2018, 14:09 | Tags: Politics, Germany, Faculty of Arts, Expert comment

Divisions in the EU over the migrant issue.

As six EU countries agree to take in over 200 migrants stranded off Malta Dr Felicita Tramontana agrues that the deal further underlines divisions in the EU over the migrant issue.

Emmanuel Macron seeks to win over Angela Merkel on EU reforms - expert comment

French President Emmanuel Macron is in Berlin for talks with Angela Merkel aimed at winning support from the German chancellor for his ambitious reform plans for the European Union.Professor Seán Hand discusses his chances of success.

Coalition talks "brings only fragile stability to German politics" - Professor Jan Palmowski

The SPD’s decision to enter formal coalition talks has exposed the fundamental challenge the party faces: how it can renew itself to make social democracy relevant to a wider electorate, while being in government at the same time, says Professor Jan Palmowski

Mon 22 Jan 2018, 12:43 | Tags: Germany

Dr James Hodkinson discusses religion in Germany on BBC Radio 4

Dr James Hodkinson, Associate Professor in German and Silke Horstkotte, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow in German Studies from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures discuss the place of religion in modern Germany on the Beyond Belief programme on BBC Radio 4.

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