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Opt-out organ donation system "should result in more people’s wishes being followed" - Dr Gregory Moorlock

Ministers begin a consultation today on a proposed 'opt-out' system for organ donation in England, with the aim of making more organs available for transplant.

Dr Gregory Moorlock, an expert in the ethics of organ donation and transplantation from Warwick Medical School, comments.

128,000 children will wake up homeless this Christmas day - economic comment

According to housing and homelessness charity Shelter 128,000 children will spend Christmas day homeless and in temporary accommodation. Profesor Abhinay Muthoo comments on the economic background to this situation.

May offers "reassurance" but EU nationals still feel unwelcome: Dr Lucy Hatton

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed in a Facebook post to make it as easy as possible for EU nationals to remain in the UK.

Dr Lucy Hatton, an expert in democracy and legitimacy in the European Union, outlines her view on the story.

Expert reaction to study looking at sugary drinks intake and measures of IVF success

Prof. Geraldine Hartshorne, Head of Clinical Faculty, Warwick Medical School, comments on a study which indicates that IVF is less successful if a woman drinks full sugar soft drinks.

Wed 11 October 2017, 11:22 | Tags: Children, WMS, Health, Academic Staff, Child care, Health and Medicine, medicine

Science behind condom-detecting fingerprint test explained: Dr Maria van Agthoven

Dr Maria van Agthoven is a researcher in the University of Warwick's Department of Chemistry - she explains the science behind a new fingerprint test which can detect the brand of hair gel used by a suspect or whether they have handled a condom.

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