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Expert Comment

Changing people’s behaviour in times of Covid-19 - further expert comment

As news reports of police struggling to persuade social gatherings to break up and go home start to appear, Helen Spencer-Oatey, Perry Hinton, Katharina Lefringhausen (Warwick) and Dan Spencer (Oxford) look at how norm theory can be applied to tailor appeals to different groups.

Budget 2020 expert comment - closing the "tax gap"

" A single auditor working on self-assessment returns can bring in enough revenue to pay for their own salary, and that of four nurses too." The Chancellor has announced plans to employ 1300 additional auditors, expected to bring in an average of £770m a year over the next five years by improving compliance with the tax rules. Dr Arun Advani of Warwick Economics and CAGE explains the "tax gap" and why closing it is important.

Why are people feeling driven to panic buy? Expert comment

"It is … important to realize that fear and anxiety are linked to our cognitive biases and that others might want to manipulate these emotional triggers in us." Dr Georg Löfflmann of the Department of Politics and International Studies comments on the factors influencing people to strip the supermarket shelves of essential goods.

Brexit Day - what next for the UK? Expert comment.

"the UK now needs to focus sharply on its future, and to work out how, in this new world, it can secure prosperity for all its citizens. That is of first-order importance." Professor Abhinay Muthoo, Dean of Warwick in London, comments on the forthcoming negotiations.

Calculating the cost of megaprojects like HS2 - expert comment from Professor Naomi Brookes

Naomi Brookes, Professor of Complex Programme Management at WMG, University of Warwick, comments on the report which estimates another 20% increase in spend on HS2.

Mon 20 Jan 2020, 13:26 | Tags: Politics, Britain, investment, rail, Transport

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