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Regulating streaming giants could create "homogenised television landscape"

The UK government has proposed tighter regulations for television streaming giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. Ministers also today announced that there will be a consultation into whether to privatise Channel 4.

Tom Hemingway, from Warwick's Department of Film and Television Studies, offers his expert view.

Wed 23 Jun 2021, 13:28 | Tags: University of Warwick, Film and Television, Britain

£3bn bus boost - expert comment

"Broadly, this announcement is to be welcomed; the current bus system is delivering declining numbers of services to a smaller group of people and needs to change. However, the funding promised seems to me to be very small compared with the ambition expressed." Professor Mike Waterson comments on today's announcement of a new strategy for buses.

Mon 15 Mar 2021, 14:15 | Tags: Economics, Expert comment, Research, Britain, Transport, buses

Expert comment, changes to workers' rights

Professor Terence Hogarth comments on reports in the Financial Times reports that the Government plans to remove "worker protections enshrined in EU law" including the 48-hour working week.

Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030: WMG expert comment

The UK Prime Minister announced today a Ten Point Plan for a "green industrial revolution", including a ban on the sale of new cars that are wholly powered by diesel or petrol from 2030. Top experts from WMG at the University of Warwick comment on this story.

Locking down Leicester - Expert Comment

"Lockdowns in democracies have always been about trust. In order for localised lockdowns to be effective, it is important to know what the public health threshold is for creating a localised lockdown so that communities don’t feel that they are being disproportionately impacted." Dr Sharifah Sekalala comments on the potential challenges of a Leicester lockdown.

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