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Expert comment, NAO report on children in custody

The National Audit Office reports that while the average number of children in custody fell by 73% in the decade between 2010 and 2020, numbers are expected to rise rapidly in the next months. Professor Azrini Wahidin (Sociology) comments.

Thu 28 Apr 2022, 09:52 | Tags: Children, Expert comment, Sociology, prisons

Dr Eric Jensen comments on steps taken by Facebook to protect Afghan users

Facebook has temporarily removed the ability for people to search the friends lists of accounts based in Afghanistan, in response to concerns that the Taliban could use social media to target people with US or UK contacts. Dr Eric Jensen of the Department of Sociology comments.

Fri 20 Aug 2021, 12:38 | Tags: Facebook, Expert comment, Sociology, Faculty of Social Science

Does the SNP now have a mandate for #Indyref2? Expert comment

"If the UK Government has to resort to the courts to halt the Scottish Parliament from holding a second referendum, that would speak to the weakness of their democratic case for opposing it. We are in uncharted constitutional territory here and it remains to be seen when – rather than if – a new independence referendum is called." Politics expert Dr Alexander Smith explores whether there is now a mandate for a second independence referendum in Scotland.

Donald Trump still suspended from Twitter - Social media expert comments

Twitter has banned a new account which reposted views and opinions "From the Desk of Donald J Trump." Social media expert Dr Eric Jensen from Warwick Sociology comments.

Parliamentary elections in Scotland: expert comment

As elections to the Scottish Parliament take place today, Dr Alexander Smith of the Department of Sociology comments on the key issues that he sees for voters

Thu 06 May 2021, 14:03 | Tags: Sociology, Research

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