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Dr Eric Jensen comments on steps taken by Facebook to protect Afghan users

Facebook has temporarily removed the ability for people to search the friends lists of accounts based in Afghanistan, in response to concerns that the Taliban could use social media to target people with US or UK contacts. Dr Eric Jensen of the Department of Sociology comments.

Fri 20 Aug 2021, 12:38 | Tags: Facebook, Expert comment, Sociology, Faculty of Social Science

Donald Trump still suspended from Twitter - Social media expert comments

Twitter has banned a new account which reposted views and opinions "From the Desk of Donald J Trump." Social media expert Dr Eric Jensen from Warwick Sociology comments.

"We are sleepwalking into another era of US domination" - Professor Mark Skilton comments on the need to regulate FB

"We need to be very careful when Facebook is 'recommending' more regulation on partitioning personal data for privacy and the issues of fake news" - Professor Mark Skilton of WBS comments on Sir Nick Clegg's call for online companies to be given help to police the content they carry.

Facebook pages "hold profound meaning for those left behind" - expert comment on Facebook Tributes

Facebook has introduced a new Tributes feature for accounts belonging to the deceased. Warwick expert Debra Bassett, who specialises in the impact of digital technology on grieving, comments.

Tue 05 Mar 2019, 14:37 | Tags: University of Warwick, Facebook, Expert comment, death

What's the future for Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica scandal?

Despite the turmoil that continues to surround his company, Mark Zuckerberg has insisted he is still the best person to lead Facebook. Recent reports around improper data gathering by Cambridge Analytica - as well as fake news and propaganda - have prompted some to question Mr Zuckerberg's ability to lead a company that some think has grown beyond his control.

Ian Robertson, Visiting Professor, Computer Science, comments.

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