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Expert Comment

EU Enlargement Strategy for the Western Balkans published - Dr Andi Hoxhaj comments.

"The countries of the Western Balkans will have to get much more serious about values such as rule of law, fighting corruption and organised crime, settling bilateral disputes and undertaking a range of other democratic changes in order to join the Union," says Dr Andi Hoxhaj, commenting on the new EU strategy for these six countries.

Thu 08 February 2018, 14:48 | Tags: Law, Faculty of Social Science, European Union

Fourth volume of Michel Foucault’s History of Sexuality published, posthumously - expert comment from Prof Stuart Elden

"The issues he was concerned with – madness and mental illness, medicine and health, punishment, sexuality – remain pressing issues today and Foucault’s investigation of these issues, and perhaps especially the questions he asked about them, mean he continues to be a regular reference. With the publication of this book, we are continually finding new work to explore and think with him.” Professor Stuart Elden comments on today's publication.

Holocaust complicity bill passes in Poland - expert comment from Dr Charles Turner

"The court of scholarly opinion on these matters is already robust and well able to marginalise the voices that might make use of such phrases," says Dr Charles Turner, commenting on a controversial new law which will make it illegal to accuse the Polish nation or state of complicity in the Nazi Holocaust.

"It's a really interesting snub." Dr Trevor McCrisken comments on the cancellation of Donald Trump's UK visit

Dr Trevor McCrisken from the Department for Politics and International Studies comments on President Donald Trump's announcement - via Twitter - that he has called off his planned London visit.