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Knowledge Centre

recycling batteries

Closing the loop on battery manufacture

A team of polymer scientists at WMG, University of Warwick, is working on a way of making batteries more recyclable, with the aim of closing the loop on battery manufacture.

Shahin Ali

Knowledge is Power - Education is key for gender equality

Shaheen Ali, Professor of Law at the University of Warwick, shares her thoughts on the role that education plays in achieving the UN’s goal of achieving gender equality by 2030.

Anatomy Lesson

Why women are still 'the other' in medicine

Everything, throughout the history of medicine, from the profession’s origins, to the way drugs are tested and the diagnosis of medical conditions, works on a model where the male body is the default and the female body is ‘the other’.


Professor Loizos Heracleous from WBS writes for the BBC website on why rebellious behaviour could be positive for creativity in organisations.



Dr Ross Forman talk to The World programme on ABC Australia about DC Comic's revelation about Superman's sexuality.