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Shy girl

Where do our personalities come from?

Personalities are like traditions – they can adjust and evolve, writes Nick Chater, Professor Behavioural Science from Warwick Business School.

EU parliament

European elections: a beginners guide to the vote

The European Parliament elections are not unlike cricket. Both can last for quite a few days and it can be pretty hard to understand the rules writes Tatiana Coutto from PAIS.


A&E Dept sign

How can behavioural science nudges improve healthcare?

Getting people to make the best decisions could make the NHS more efficient writes Ivo Vlaev Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School.


Brendan Batson OBE, recognised for his contribution to football, discusses his career in sport and his feelings about receiving his honorary degree.


Ken Follett discusses his feelings on being awarded an honorary doctorate, reflects on his motivation for writing, and reveals his idea of hell...