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census forms

Religion and the Census

Are you considering recording your religion as Jedi, heavy metal or climate-concerned on census day? Before you do, consider why the census asks the religion question and the value of the data for society.

Doctor Who and the moon

Doctor Who and the Moon

A look at the ‘real’ science content about the moon which has appeared in Doctor Who annuals during a period when public interest in our nearest neighbour was waning.

Jackie Weaver

Women and the Politics of the Parish

Jackie Weaver has the authority - and she's not the only one. Women have a long track record of interventions at this local level, says Professor Sarah Richardson from Warwick’s Department of History.


An aptitude for astrophysics and an interest in science fiction seem to go hand in hand, writes Dr Elizabeth Stanway, in her latest blog: Astronomers and Science Fiction.

science fiction space ship


For International Women's Day 2021, Warwick women talk about who and what inspired them, their achievements, their careers and their advice for others.