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birds in flight

Five ways mindfulness could help during lockdown

Mindfulness is often described as a state of being where our awareness is focused on the present-moment flow of experience without commentary, analysis or judgement. In this state the mind has less chance to wander and worry about other things.

Venus and the moon

Observing the planets

It’s quite easy to see some of the other planets in our Solar system from your garden, balcony or on an evening walk. In fact, you might have already seen them without realising it, explains Dr David Brown from Warwick’s astrophysics team.


Dr Chris Bilton, from the University of Warwick’s Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies, explains how coronavirus could change our attitudes towards the value of work.


Professor Jan Godsell, from WMG, considers what UK manufacturing can learn from coronavirus, and how this could transform our approach to supply chains.